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Baby Bash: Hosting A Party For Your Little One That Offers A Little Something Extra
For you, there’s probably not enough time in a day, and in fact, time moves too quickly, but for your precious little darling, time practically stands still and he or she is eager about counting down the days to his or her next birthday, and celebrating yet another milestone of getting bigger, ... Read On
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TV Moms: Is TV Technology Becoming The “Other” Parent, And Hurting Our Kids?
Even stay at home mom’s may realize that there’s just not enough hours in a day to take care of the house, your new baby, and your spouse, when he comes home from work. Between nursing, laundry, shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc., many moms (many of whose own mothers still work or have socially busy ... Read On
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Marriage Can Be Scary: A Look At The Reality Of Marriage And The Potential Anxiety and Panic It Can Cause
We are all no doubt familiar with certain life stresses and anxieties, but rarely do the hinder our daily life, progress or ability to function. Still, for others, (especially for brides or new wives and may moms) emotion is a very powerful emotion, and can reveal themselves in a variety of ... Read On
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Success Addicts: The Truth About Crystal Meth, The Kids Who Are Addicted, And What You Need To Know and Look Out For
Okay mom and dad, you so you moved out of the urban jungle to give your child (children) a chance to get “high” on life and “high” on the merits of better living provided by acceptable choices and a readily available above average education. Well, you’ll be glad to know that many of them did ... Read On
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Financial Moves: The Real Cost Of Moving
While you’re planning on moving ahead, the cost of moving can very well be moving you (financially) behind. If the cost of moving is simply not moving you, consider the hidden fees that may just pack on the dollars to your original (and often anticipated) quote. · Additional supplies, such as ... Read On
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School Daze: Dealing With Children Who Are Experiencing Difficulty
From the most en vogue tote to the latest in designer technology and fashion trends, your child is well prepared for the advent of the new school year. And, with your child (children) back in school you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Well, maybe not. Not matter how well prepared you child ... Read On
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Performance Anxiety: Male Confidence Busters Between The Sheets
With most men cavalierly joking that the only ups and downs a relationship should experience is between the sheets, most are reveal that underneath the “rough” and “rugged” exterior they are just as insecure about intimacy as we (women) are. Below are some of their biggest fears uncovered. 1. ... Read On
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A Good Thanking Never Hurt Anyone: Teaching kids about etiquette and writing thank you notes
Remember the days when children were taught to say thank you and please. Ah, the good’ ole days when (children’s ears were covered when something “wrong” was said), respect was paramount and children learned social graces and polite behavior from their parents who also displayed proper public poise ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Family Life & Parenting
Baby Einstein: How To Enhance Your Child’s IQ
From eating the healthiest foods, to maintaining a healthy workout regimen, designer sheets, outfits, and the most mod-crib to welcome your new family member into your “crib” you’re doing everything possible to give junior/juniorette the competitive edge. Part of that competitive edge is saving ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Family Life & Parenting
Model Behavior: Setting A Good Example To Help Ensure Well-Behaved Kids
There’s an old European that notes: “Show me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who YOU are”. Basically, it implies that the company you choose (for the most part, because we all “do” go through different phases) are primarily a representation of who you (intrinsically) are or who you would ... Read On
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Golden Dreams: Golden Opportunities For Your Golden Years:
The kids are safely unpacked in their new homes and lives and now it’s time for you to pack in an old lifestyle and pack up for a life of leisure and “luxury”. Whether your more “upscale” lifestyle means upgrading or downsizing, planting the seeds for a rosy future means carefully cultivating your ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Home & Lifestyle
Clique Here: Helping Your Child Cope With Cliques
Heading back to school may have you (parents) sighing with relief, but may leave many children simply sighing. Reconnecting with new friends can prove for many just as “stressful” as making new ones. Remember, children have had an entire summer away from many of their classmates, and for many, many ... Read On
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