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The “Ugly” Truth About Beauty Products: How Safe Is Your Makeup?
Contrary to what we’ve been taught, looking good is not necessarily synonymous with feeling good. Sure WE may feel better about ourselves, but according to recent research “Intoxicating” beauty may be just as dangerous and deadly as excessive drinking. In fact, studies (done on animals but said ... Read On
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You Are What You Eat: The French-Fry Connection And How Food Affects How You Look And How You Feel
We all know that when it comes to work and some potential extra perks, it’s all about seniority. Well, according to research, when it comes to LIFE and some MAJOR perks, it’s also all about “seniority”. No matter what stage or age of life you’re in, the one thing we ALL have in common is that ... Read On
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Part 1 - The War Of “The Roses”: A Look At The Thorny Relationship Between Mother-In Laws and Daughter-In-Laws
From his brothers, sisters and ultimately his parents, like it or not (and most of the time you WON’T ), when you marry the love of your life, you also marry the rest of his family. Sure, you may know the family for years and get along “famously” but remember, you don’t really know someone ... Read On
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Part 2 - War and Peace: The Most Common Mother-In-Law “Mistakes” and How To Avoid or Correct Them
Perhaps Tolstoy had his wife and the relationship between her and his family in mind when he wrote this timeless classic. Whether your choice is to have your son’s wife address you as mom, or by your first name, remember the choice should reflect her respect for and relationship with you. ... Read On
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Part 3 - All In The Family: Handling Your Spouse and His/Her Parents
While your initial inclination may be to get a (nice firm) grip around your spouse’s neck as well as the neck or his/her parents, there’s a much more practical solution and one that won’t land you in solitary confinement. Experts impress upon newlyweds the importance of accepting not only each ... Read On
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Part 4 - Blessed Are Peacemakers: Setting The New Parental Paradigm (A Guideline For In-Laws)
While you may have “thought” your job was done (as far a appeasing your children) when they grew up, understood the house rules and then moved out, it’s time to realize that things have changed…and, as far a “appeasing” goes you may just have to go back to square one. What’s important to ... Read On
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Role Call: The Man's Role In The Family
Traditionally speaking a man’s role in the family had been “limited”. Most of his life, he’s generally “catered to” by mom and his sister(s), only to grow and have women doting over him. Then it’s time for marriage and it’s been customarily convenient that his ONLY “obligation” is showing up….and, ... Read On
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Pregnancy Perils: The Facts About Toxoplasmosis
If you're familiar with the term, then you’ve probably also heard that toxoplasmosis has most often been linked with your pet of choice, primarily cats and kittens. But before you decide to find fluffy a new home, you may want to get the inside scoop on this rare but real condition and how to ... Read On
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Love, Liberation, and the Pursuit of Happiness: Keeping Your Relationship Rewarding
One of the greatest things about marriage is living with and enjoying your partner 24-7, right? Well, perhaps, but it can also be one of the most challenging aspects of your marriage. While most brides and grooms focus on putting their best foot forward for the wedding, few focus on putting ... Read On
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All Work and No Play: Sex and The North American Woman
First there was “Sex and the Single Girl”…then there was “Sex and the Married Woman”…and now there’s “Sex and the Disinterested Female”. Some would argue that women reach their “prime” in their thirties and forties, while others suggest that this time frame corresponds with a decreased ... Read On
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Write Of Passage: Writing Down Your Thoughts And Emotions Can Help You Control Them
How much truth is there to the expression “The pen is mightier than the sword”? Well, according to personal improvement professionals, LOTS….and, they also say it helps solve more issues, more effectively. One of the most cathartic exercises for getting yourself in tip-top emotional shape is to ... Read On
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Part 1 - Boy Talk : Building Your Son's Emotional Strength
A popular 90’s tune proclaimed: “I know what boys want, I know what guys like”…and some experts assert they actually do. In fact, they state that much like girls, boys need love, affection, understanding, acceptance and attention, they simply speak a different dialect of the same language…one ... Read On
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