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TMI (Too Much Information): Recovering From Revealing Too Much
There an old adage that suggests that it’s better to keep you mouth closed and thought of as a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. But, we’ve all, at one time or other been guilty of an “open mouth, insert foot” moment. And, one of the most embarrassing situations is mentioning to one friend ... Read On
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Work It Out: Unspoken Rules To Live By At The Gym
Going to the gym, means more than signing up and working out, it means abiding by the rules of the facility. But, there are also some unwritten rules that patrons are expected to adhere to. Among these: 1. Dress For Success: Bare feet, sans socks or in sandals or slippers are NOT toe-tally ... Read On
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Not So Troubled Youth: Keeping Your Kids Street Smart As They Head Back To School
It’s back to school time for many kids and back to work time for many (summer) stay-at-home moms and dads (not just those in the teaching profession). And, for many that may mean your kids heading out to the bus after you leave and/or arriving before you make it home. Besides not wanting to ... Read On
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Getting Catty: Potty Training You Kitty:
We are all well aware that newborns need to be potty trained, and that means newborn baby animals too. In fact, training a new puppy is often at the top of the “to do” list. Yet, when it comes to pets, it seems the ones that need the least “attention” are kittens and cats. And, for many using ... Read On
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Man-Made: Tailoring Your Love For A Successful Relationship
Whether we are looking to find a good, rewarding, solid, and secure relationship, or are actually in one, there is often a fine line between what we want, what we think we want and what is really and actually best for us and what we need. In fact, lack of respect and appreciation is a key ... Read On
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Speak Your Mind: The Art Of Successful Communication
We all know how important communication is and we also know how difficult it is. After all from what we say and how we say it, to the messages conveyed by our facial expressions and body language we could be sending off the wrong vibes even without meaning to. Personally, non-verbal ... Read On
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Strip Tease: Thing To Do And Not To Do Along The Vegas Strip
If you’re considering Las Vegas for your destination wedding, honeymoon, or family vacation, but are having “second thoughts”, you may want to consider that “Sin City” has much more to offer than just lewd and lascivious sinsations. In fact, between the architecture, fine dining, and eclectic ... Read On
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Learning Curves: A Closer Look At Autism And Children
We all know not just one, but probably a few children with ADD or ADHD. But, from what I’ve been told, a good number of these children also exhibit signs of mild autism or some autistic behaviours. And, though that’s not the case for the majority, it “is” the case for some. And, as we all know ... Read On
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Home Sweet Home: The Sour Deal Scammers Are Offering Desperate Homeowners And How To Protect Yourself.
As far as most of us are concerned the ability to invest in a piece of real estate/buying our own home is often seen as a symbol of success and fulfilling the American Dream. Still, when it comes to real estate, experts assert that (some) professionals look at homebuyers as an opportunity to prove ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Home & Lifestyle
Sensitive Situations: Parenting and Protecting You Child From (Sexual) Abuse
It’s no doubt we were all impacted by the JonBenet Ramsey case when we first heard about it. Now years later, those wounds and feelings (of fear) are brought to surface once again as John Mark Karr enters the first stages of his trial. As parents or friends or siblings of parents we can’t help ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Safety
Hitting The (Water) Bottle: How Safe Is The Water You Drink?
One of the quickest ways to get our daily intake of H20 is on the go. But wetting our whistle with water from a plastic water bottle may be doing us more harm than good. In fact, most food stuffs stored in plastic containers may be toxic due to several chemicals including Bisphenol-A (BPA) also ... Read On
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