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Baby’s Breath: How Cleaning House Can “Harm” Your Unborn Child
From changing your eating habits, drinking habits, taking prenatals, and even changing how you may conduct yourself, it’s likely that most, prior to conceiving want to “clean up their act”. And, for some that may also mean cleaning up their home. Still, cleaning house can be a “scary” prospect ... Read On
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Laws Of Attraction: Sexy Is As Sexy Does And How To Improve Your Sex Appeal
Having spent years in the media and some in front of the camera, I know first hand that images and perceptions are created and take lots of hard work. In fact, when it comes to “sexy” what you see on magazine covers most likely “isn’t” what you’ll get in person. And, say experts, when it comes to ... Read On
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Shop Girls:
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Outer Limits: The Smart Way To Eat Out Or Enjoy Take Out
It may be solely my opinion, and/or just because I really do enjoy some of my domestic duties, including decorating, cleaning and cooking, but nothing compares to a well-prepared, good, home-cooked meal. Still, there’s something about the time-saving “strategy”, of eating out or ordering in. On ... Read On
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A Step In The Right Direction: Shoe Safety For Kids
I am forever telling my husband about other people’s “inappropriate” attire. And, while he often claims I’m too “picky”, it’s nice to know that when it comes to certain “pet peeves”, others agree. Among these what you wear on your feet. And, despite my personal problem with the fashion ... Read On
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Mind Games: Understanding What’s On Your Woman’s Mind
There are little (subtle) things women, especially as they get older, get better at “hiding” from men, but things we “desperately” want, or should I say “expect” you to know. · Scared to say “yes”: Women “do” (very much so) want to find Mr. Right and “settle down”. But, they also want to work ... Read On
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Transformers: Dealing With Children And Their Many Phases
Raising kids can be quite exciting, especially as parents experience the various transitions their children go through, and according to experts, they go through a lot. Here are just some of what proud parents can expect and how to deal with it. · Eye-eye: The one way to let kids know you are ... Read On
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Any Way You Slice It: The Healthy Way To Get Your Piece Of The Pizza Pie
Believe it or not, one of the most “complete” foods around is pie, pizza pie that is. Offering everything from carbs to lycopene (in the sauce), dairy (cheese), protein (anchovies or meats) and plenty of other nutrients (replete with veggie toppings), it gives us all our food groups in one. Still, ... Read On
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Alternative Medicine: Holistic Options For Your Pet
If you have a pet you know that they are not just “a pet’, but a huge part of the family. And, just like any other member of your brood, when they get sick, you want the best possible treatment for them. In fact, many “masters” are looking into alternative options for cats and dogs, and some ... Read On
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Grand Infusions: Customizing Your Cooking Oil
We’re all familiar with the amazing benefits of olive oil. Not only is it better for our food, but also better for our health. In fact, one Centarian even claims it’s the “secret” to longevity and health. And, to a certain degree she may just be onto something. In fact, olive oil has gain so much ... Read On
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Decoding PMS: Overcoming Post Marital Syndrome
It’s not unusual for couples to experience PMS, post marital syndrome once the party is over and they realize “the party is over”. And, while even experts attest to getting wrapped up in the romance of it all, say that successful marriages learn from before the “I Dos” how to separate fantasy from ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Relationship
Should I Stay Or Should I Go: Working Out Questions About Going Back To Work After Baby
Lots of couples worry about being financially ready for having or welcoming to their world a baby. And, once baby arrives, many may find themselves asking “Can I afford to stay home?” or “Can I afford “not” to?” According to experts, concerns about money and going back to work are quite common ... Read On
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