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Best Dressed Secrets: Tips and Tricks For Looking Your Holiday Best
Tis the season to deck the halls, your home and adorn yourself as well. But we all know that dressing your holiday best likely means you’ll have to find something special and “spectacular” to wear. And, since it’s holiday season, that means dressing up even the most “casual” of outfits with ... Read On
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The Spirit Of Giving: Becoming A Good Gift Giver
Most of us love getting gifts, and many of us enjoy giving them as well. And, with it being holiday season there’s likely to be lots of that going on. Still, experts assert that most of our gifts, regardless of how nicely they’re packaged will wind up at the bottom of or at the very back of the ... Read On
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Tis The Season: The Dos and Don’ts Of Holiday Entertaining
The holidays can mean lots of fun and plenty of memories, but if you want them to be good ones you’ll want to proceed with “caution” and finesse. With that said, here’s a list of holiday do’s and don’ts 1. Single out (newly) single friends Unless your friends are on good terms or there’s a ... Read On
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The Baby Dance Blues: What Professionals Say You Should Know About Infertility
So, you’re trying to conceive and aren’t having any “luck”. And, you’re not alone. According to statistics about 20 percent of all married couples in the U.S. alone experience fertility issues and the inability to conceive of maintain their pregnancy after one year of trying to conceive. Now, ... Read On
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Couples Behaving Badly: How “Bad” Behaviour Can Be A Good Thing
In our relationships there are no doubt certain “deal breakers” that can seal the fate of our liaisons and unions. Among these, lying, flirting (with someone else), and fighting. Still, some experts assert that even these negatives can be turned into positives, and in fact, may even be good for ... Read On
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Fatal Florals: Holiday Plants That Can Be Poisonous And Dangerous To Your Family
Holiday time is a time were we put extra care into our abodes turning them into cozy, festive, domains luring friends and family for fun and festivities. From ornate Menorahs and other glamorous Hanukkah decorations to towering Christmas trees, and giant wooden soldiers, Santas and reindeer, every ... Read On
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Raising The Bar: All You Need To Know About Energy Bars
Working men and women, even many moms and dads barely have time for grabbing something on the go, never mind a healthy breakfast. And for many harried and hurried folks, meal replacement and energy bars have become the norm as far as sinking your teeth into something that will help kick-start your ... Read On
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The Dirt On Toxic Plants: Protecting Your Pets From Dining On “Deadly” Foliage
While I love our cat, I find it quite disturbing that virtually every time she spends time outside and gets her claws and teeth into our lawn, she’ll get sick from the grass. And, while gross, it’s, I’m assured neither harmful nor dangerous to our pet. Yet, experts assert that while your ... Read On
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Ho-Ho-No-No: Dealing With The Dilemma Of Holiday Shopping
Most of us look forward to the holidays, yet most of us dread the holiday shopping rush and all that accompanies it, such as rude sales staff, long lineups and the frustration of finding the perfect gift. Yet, experts suggest that if you’re strategic about shopping you can actually have a ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Health, Fitness & Beauty
Strong Holds: Strengthening Your Relationships
We all want healthy and rewarding relationships, and we’ve all heard about the importance of forging them. Not only are strong bonds good for us emotionally but, they are also good for us physically. And, that includes friendships too. And, part of every good (or “bad”) relationship is a ... Read On
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Judice Prudence: Virtue Names Are Making A Comeback
They say that what’s old is new again, and it seems that so are many things most of the past generations, maybe even your own, rebelled against, that are once again not only new, but cool. This includes an increasing interest for some in morals and values and a return to virtue naming. Virtue ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Family Life & Parenting
Charmed I’m Sure: The Art Of Eliciting A Positive Response
Most of us want, maybe even expect to get our way, but most of us found out (likely the hard way) that in the Real World, that’s simply not possible, at least not all the time. Yet, experts suggest that we can increase the probability of “winning”, not by whining, but rather by honing in on the ... Read On
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