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Delaying Our Toddlers: The Dangers of Second Hand Television
Parents already know to try to keep their children away from second hand smoke, but now researchers warn parents to keep children away from second hand television. Second hand television sounds absurd, right, but 1 in 3 American households leave their television on during the day, creating ... Read On
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Where There Is a Will…: Strengthening Your Will Power
In a world full of temptations, it is far too easy to give in to what looks, feels, and tastes good when it is so readily available. Take for example a new year's resolution of eating and living healthier. We all know this ambition, and many of us even set it as our goal this year. How easily do ... Read On
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The Couch Potato Killer: How Not Moving Really Affects Your Life
We all know that television is bad for us. We are distracted and stagnant, and everyone loves to tell us how we could be better spending our time. Well there is a new study that may even reform the most avid of couch potatoes. What if you found out that every hour you spend in front of the TV ... Read On
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The Skipped Generation Household: Grandparents Raise All Over Again
In many households today, the empty nest is being filled in one of two ways; grown children are moving back home because of the economy or elderly parents are moving in for care and assistance. In my household, we've already had both! But there is a newer trend, indicated the 2009 census, of near ... Read On
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Mommy-To-Be Myth Busting: Dismissing Pregnancy Wives Tales
Like so many other rites of passage in our lives, pregnancy has its own slew of wives tales about who, what, and how much a mother-to-be can expect during the blissful 9 months of her pregnancy. Although many of the wives tales have been around since the beginning of time, which are the ones that ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Pregnancy
Vaccination Cancelation: Chemicals Affecting the Body’s Response to Vaccinations
In our everyday lives we are exposed to many natural and synthetic chemicals that can have harmful effects on our systems, either now or in the future. Children are far from exempt from the effects of chemical exposure, and are being altered and exposed from the moment of conception. One of the ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Health, Fitness & Beauty
Warding off Colds: Fish Oil May Save Babies from Sick Time
Expectant moms try their very best to give their babies a head start before they are born. They watch what they eat, take vitamins and prenatal supplements, and, if it applies, cut out their favorite bad habits; i.e. smoking and drinking. A new study shows that there may be one more measure you can ... Read On
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Making a Happy New Year: Readying Your Life to Start the New Year Fresh
As the holidays pass, with the New Year, it is now time to take action to revitalize and renew yourself and home as you put away. With each New Year we are given the opportunity for a fresh start, and why not start with your own home? Out with the old, and in with the new! When it comes to all ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Home & Lifestyle
A Healthy Appetite: Foods to Help Keep You Happy and Health This Flu Season
You already know the old saying that “you are what you eat,” but that saying may help you stay clean and clear during flu season this year. When it comes to flu/cold prevention, most of us already know the golden rules to keeping healthy: -Wash your hands constantly, and if you aren’t near a ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Health, Fitness & Beauty
Happy Holiday Tots: Keeping Your Holidays Anxiety Free With A Toddler
There is no better gratification for parents than getting to watch the wonder and excitement in their children’s eyes as they anticipate and celebrate holidays. The same can be said for parents with toddlers, except it maybe twofold. For toddlers, they do not remember many of their prior holidays ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Family Life & Parenting
Enjoying Your Holidays: Holiday Weight Management Tips
For everyone who celebrates, the holidays are the toughest time of the year to try to watch, lose, or maintain your weight. You’re spending more time than usual in social gathers and every gathering is focused on food! There are a million different cookies, grandma’s stuffing, and mom’s awesome ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Weightloss
Preemies and Autism: A Link between Low Birth Weight and Autism
Autism is still an enigma to both parents and doctors. The causes are still not really known, and, often times, screening is still underutilized because symptoms and characteristics are not always readily apparent. Researchers are making strides, though, towards helping parents understand possible ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Health, Fitness & Beauty
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