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Close Encounters: How Regular Sex Can Take Years Off Your Appearance
With all the money many of us ladies and some of our “Metrosexual” men spend on moisturizers, face creams, scrubs, masks, facials, and a potpourri of products and regimens aimed at keeping us, as Rod Stewart so eloquently put it “Forever Young”, it seems like the fountain of youth was right in our ... Read On
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Bottomed Out: What May Be Holding You Back From Climbing To The Top
While most of us can’t really know what we want to do with the rest of our lives upon entering college, most of us have a pretty good idea about how we plan for our life and career to go by the time we graduate. And, in many cases most of us experience “a rude awakening”. From “failure” to find a ... Read On
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Auto Alert: Tips For Treating Your Car To A Wash
I am always amazed; no matter how careful I am, and as neat as I am, my care always, somehow accumulates dust and dirt…you’d think I never cleaned it. Yet, quite the opposite is true. And, between the winter rain and snow, and all the spring and summer sand and pollen, there’s always a new, but ... Read On
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Fine Dining For Fifi and Fido: What To Serve Your Pet
In an era where fast and prepared foods dominate the market, more and more of us are starting to see the benefits of eating healthy. From organic products to home-cooked meals and baked good, the emphasis is now, not so much on “convenience”, but on quality of food and nutrition. And, with the ... Read On
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Home Grown: Practical Planting Pointers
While I LOVE my home, sometimes I feel like despite the fact that it’s only the two of us; we’ve definitely outgrown the space. But, it seems we’re not the only ones who seem to need a bit more room for added “comfort”. Apparently so have our plants. In fact, my husband is such of fan of foliage ... Read On
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Wheeling And Dealing: Hitting The Open Road For Your Family Vacation
When my husband and I hit the road for a getaway or road trip, we usually fill up our tank, pack our cooler and our thermos and hit the open highway. And, we’re usually up and running before sunrise. It’s actually, for us, the best way to beat traffic and still get to most of the places we head out ... Read On
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Coming Through Loud And Clear: Speaking To Your Child So That You “Will” Be Heard
My husband and I were recently having a conversation with a young couple lucky enough to already have kids in their tweens and teens and who are just now trying to teach them about taking responsibility for themselves by being firm(er) about laying down the law. But, as my husband says, teaching ... Read On
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It’s A Girl Thing: A Woman’s “Self-Improvement Plan
Looking back on my life, I’m more inclined to smile than frown. In fact, even my “bad” experiences taught me something significant. And, other than a few decisions that I should have headed “warnings” about and been “smarter” about, the journey, good and bad was what’s memorable and in retrospect ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Development
Love and Let Love: A New, Yet Not So New School Of Thought To Live and Love By
From singles looking for love and couples looking to make it “official”, those twosomes who’ve already gotten past the “I Dos” and are looking to keep things hot and spicy, the rules seem to be the same, and many of them are old school rules, but some are quite “revolutionary”. 1. Pick and ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Relationship
The Walk Of Life: Strolling Through Life Can Be A Heart-Healthy Way To Live
After a long day at the office, and after sitting for about an hour or so in traffic, I really have my sights set on some physical activity. But, once through the front door of my home, I can barely account for the time that has somehow seemingly flown by. In fact, it’s about “that” time for me to ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Health, Fitness & Beauty
Humble Pie: Making Sense Of Parenting
While it was somewhat “evident” and even brought up by my mother in law (ironically about certain members of her own family), I recently came across the term “The Lost Generation” for those 24 and younger. While these young adults (yes, if you’re 25 and older, you have apparently earned the ... Read On
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