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Cool, Cool Summer: Keeping Your Cool Without AC
While it may be difficult to believe, there are some people who don’t have air conditioning or simply haven’t gotten it installed yet. Yet, in the summer’s often scathing heat, it becomes difficult to “chill out” and get some solid sleep. And, lack of sleep can result in a multitude of other ... Read On
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Where Credit Is Due: Clearing Up Your Credit Score
We all work hard to get or stay out of debt and are likely proud of paying our bills off on time, but now, some experts are saying that, that may not be our best option. In fact, they note, that paying off debt may actually (in some cases) be detrimental. They assert that because the credit ... Read On
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The Real Deal:. The Facts About ADHD
The term ADHD has become an ever popular “catch-all” phrase when describing children and/or individual with a variety of unexpended energy that may result in anything and everything from being a bit over zealous in the school yard, losing focus in class or tapping a pencil on the desk. Yet, what ... Read On
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Networking Opportunities: Choosing Your Friends Wisely
Marriage means the beginning of a whole new beautiful world and an “end” to a fun and fascinating old one. For me and my crew, the transition was relatively easy since most of my friends were part of the same social circle that just seemed to keep expanding, and since most of my pals tied the ... Read On
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The Buddy System: How Your Girlfriends Can Help Save Your Marriage
Most tell us and we tend to agree that our mate should be our “soul mate” and our best friend, yet, according to experts, our mate should be our mate, and our best friend should be our best friend, at least if we want to have a happy and successful marriage. Women and experts agree that it’s ... Read On
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Bathing Beauties: Choosing The Right Suit For You
Longer, sunnier days and warmer weather has most of us heading to the great outdoors as often as we can. And for many of us that means making a b-line for the beach or boardwalk, and putting us in the public eye for “scrutiny”. In fact, many guys bikini season is a dream come true, while for ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Health, Fitness & Beauty
Healthy Pregnancy: Why Having A Baby Is Literally Good For You
Becoming a mom they say is helps both men and women mature, and even many a Hollywood heartthrob have admitted that it was their children (and their love) for them that completed them. But, if you’ve ever witnessed anyone in the act of parenting it’s a non-stop, 24/7 job that leaves little or no ... Read On
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Pool Your Resources: Having a Safe Summer Out In the Sun
From water parks to pool parties, the warmer weather makes a big splash in family fun. But, experts assert that ensuring smooth sailing out in the water means making sure everyone is safe and sound. · Make sure children are within your sight at all times · Refrain from enrolling children ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Safety
The Mamas And The Papas: New Trends In Parenthood
A honeymoon is a great getaway after months and months of planning and a nice retreat and transition for “singlehood” into married life. And, this time away can place many a newlywed couples in a prime position for another trend making its way from Tinsel Town to mainstream. It’s what’s known ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Family Life & Parenting
Checking Your Baggage “At The Door”: What You Need To Know About Packing and Locking Your Luggage
Remember when you could stash your cash and other valuables in your luggage since they’d be securely locked and stored until you reached your destination? Well, times have changed and you may just want to reconsider where you place your “spare change”. In fact, just in case you didn’t know checking ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Travel & Leisure
A Tough Pill To Swallow: Switching To The Birth Control Patch
So, you’re concerned about remembering to take your pill and winding up with an “insta”, “unplanned” family. And, you’ve been considering using the patch in it’s place, since it’s pretty much a birth control “no-brainer”. Most patches can be worn “inconspicuously” on your arm, stomach, or ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Health, Fitness & Beauty
It’s Your Serve: Hosting The Perfect Dinner Party
We’ve all entertained the thought of entertaining (at home) more often. But, when it comes to fancy feasts, both set up and clean up we are often left less than amused. But, according to experts a fun and effortless fete is easier than you think Serve Yourselves: Rather than trying to dish ... Read On
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