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The Queen Of The Castle: Treating Your Woman Right
There are a few things that most people want and that is love and appreciation. And, women, whether they are out in the work force or stay-at-home spouses and moms are no different. And, according to experts, it’s that lack of respect that women long and yearn for, and the need to be made to ... Read On
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Put Your Money Where Your Morals Are: A Look At Socially Responsible Investing
Investing is one of the smartest things we can do for our future. But, it’s equally as important to know just how to invest and what to invest in. And, money making potential isn’t the only thing savvy investors take into consideration. In fact, socially responsible investing (SRI) has been ... Read On
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>Turned Off: The Trend Of Taking A Stand On TV and Movies.
According to recent surveys, even as the longer days and warmer nights are heading to an end, most are opting for steer clear of the tele. With little in innovating programming most continue to express disappointment and disdain for what the upcoming season seemingly has to offer, while other ... Read On
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Sorry: The Art Of Forgiving, Forgetting, And Getting On With Your Life
We all know that we are suppose to “forgive and forget”, but when we’ve been hurt or disrespected, that’s often easier said than done. Yet, it’s probably a key to keeping our sanity, and living a longer, healthier, and happier life. In fact, according to experts, those who can effectively ... Read On
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Smart Style: What’s Cool For Back-To-School
It’s one of the happiest times of the year for parents, but when it comes going back to school, as far as the average kid is concerned there’s nothing “cool” about it….not even the shopping. Lets face it while going back to school is a great “excuse” for a sundry array of students to insist on ... Read On
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Mouthwatering “Medicines”: Chow Down…Feel Better
We all know that food can cure hunger pains and joining up with friends or family for dinner can cure some common social ailments, but did you know that some of our favorite foods actually have medicinal properties. That’s right, new evidence shows that sinking your teeth into some of your favorite ... Read On
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Making The Cut: The Facts About Cutlery
In life we all want to be a cut above the rest, and in the kitchen it’s equally as important to have utensils that are literally a cut above. In face, have a knife with a cutting edge can make your prep work go a little faster and a little easier Experts suggest investing in quality cutlery, ... Read On
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Taking A Stand: How Savvy Employers Are Preventing Employees From Sitting Down On The Job
Every employer wants employees that are happy, enthusiastic and that he/she can count on. But, employees that are lethargic, “bored”, or out sick (frequently) can cut back on payroll but can also cut into productivity and revenue. And, it’s for these reasons that more and more employees are ... Read On
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A Tip Or Two: Service Professionals Your Should Tip
If you were shocked by how much you were informed you had/have to tip on your wedding day, you’ll likely be surprised at how much tipping you have to do in life in general. And, it’s not just for special occasions, but also for a variety of common personal services ranging from dining out to ... Read On
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Baby We’ve Got Your Number: What Your Cell Phone Really Reveals About You
So, you think your getting away with something by storing all sorts of “secret”/personal information of your cell phone, Blackberry or other high tech information storage device. Well, according to officials you may want to think again, especially if you plan on trading yours in. In fact, ... Read On
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Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone: How To Handle Losing A Pet
Pets can become part of you family or extended family and literally losing can be just as devastating as having one pass on. The good news is that in the first scenario you have hope of reconnecting with Fido or Fifi. The key however is keeping your cool, and making all the right decisions and ... Read On
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