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X-Pectations: Understanding The Female Mind
As long as there have been men and women, there have been differences between them. And, from “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” to “The Truth About Cats and Dogs” there has been plenty presented to support the theory that we are as uniquely different as night and day. And, according to ... Read On
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Wall-To-Wall: Hot Home Trends For ‘07
Looking around our home and at the interior of the new mega mansions, my husband and I decided that it was time to make some upgrades to our home. And, I’m just the type of individual that despite not being a big fan of change, and who has maintained a similar style since I first developed my sense ... Read On
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Still In The Planning Stages: Considerations Concerning Conception
Most women plan for the day they see that second line on the pregnancy test, they dream and plan about telling their mate, friends, and family, even about the maternity clothes they’ll wear, when they’ll pop, how the nursery will look, and what kind of shower they’ll have. But, some may not ... Read On
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Walk This Way: Taking Your Strides In Safety
We’ve all heard or been told that walking is one of the best exercises for keeping us fit, trim and healthy. But, whether you’re walking along the street (in your neighborhood), the local park, high school track, even in the mall, walking alone (especially back to your car from the mall late at ... Read On
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Cracking The Penal Code: What Men Really Think
With all the effort we ladies put into everything, including the though behind it, I am often amazed that most of what I find important, my guy friends and my husband often find trivial. In fact, while we get alone, and can reach a comfortable “compromise” or “consensus” its rare, that we ... Read On
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Pregnancy At Any Price: The Latest Technology In Trying To Conceive
There are many couples, regardless of age, who are experiencing difficulty in conceiving. And many have tried everything from changing their diet and lifestyle to fertility treatment with little or not success. But, now there seems to be some new options, though possibly controversial options ... Read On
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Luxurious Laundry: Tricks Of The Trade For Keeping Towels and Sheets Soft And Fluffy
There is virtually nothing than a soft, plush, preferably warm towel to wipe off with after a relaxing and refreshing shower. You know the kind I’m talking about the kind you get when you stay at a top-of-the-line resort, hotel, or cruise ship, or if you happen to be a rare guest at our house. ... Read On
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An Apple A Day: Squeezing The Most Health Benefits Out Of Your Fruit Juice
We’ve all been “warned” giving children too much sugar, even natural sugars like those in fresh squeezed fruit juice. On the other hand, we all know the benefits of real fruit juice and it’s importance for health and nutrition. In fact, fruits and veggies can pack a powerful punch of antioxidants. ... Read On
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Blue Collar Brides: The Modern Day Odd Couple
When we think of the term “odd couple”, some of us think of Jack Klugman and Tony Randall. And some of us may think of our current living situation with a mate who is not quite as tidy as us. Then there was the concept of older men and younger women and recently the reverse of older women with ... Read On
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Eat And Greet: The Newest Concept In Wining And Dining
One of the perks of going away (on vacation) is leaving behind the duties of everyday living such as loads of laundry, making the bed, grocery shopping and cooking. But, who doesn’t enjoy new, exciting, eclectic and exotic cuisine. In fact, it a part of our vacation most of us look forward to. ... Read On
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Homeward Bound: Saving Up For A Home
While I must admit, I “did” enjoy living in an apartment (for a while), every couples dream is “privacy” and owning their own home. Plus, even if you don’t get “complete” privacy (perhaps you’ll opt for an attached home or one you can rent out) there’s always the option of an added income. ... Read On
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Shake, Rattle And Roll: Toning Machines: The Pros And Cons
How many of you remember those “workout” machines your parents or relatives may have had where you’d strap a leather band around your thighs and butt, turn it on, and let it do it’s duty while you felt the burn? Well, they are apparently back, and all the rage at some workout hotspots ... Read On
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