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You’re My Lover, Not My Rival: Keeping The Competition In Your Marriage Friendly
In the beginning you tried to beat him at pool, outscore him at bowling, keep up with him at the gym, and challenge him to Trivial Pursuit. You may have even compared notes about your respective lives and experiences before you hooked up and all of it was stimulating and exhilarating. And, ... Read On
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Va Va Voom: Awakening Your Inner Vixen
While many ladies have been taught (by mom and other adults in charge) to practice abstinence or at least discretion in sex (before marriage) and while some can boast to heading this (sound) advice, while others take pride in allowing their passions to run wild, we can all recall a time when sex ... Read On
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Home Bodies:
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A Palatable Pregnancy: A Healthy Menu For Moms-To-Be
We’ve all heard the stories about pregnant women and craving, and some ladies may have gone or may still be going through it. Yet, typically, if you’re anything like lots of the women I know (and love), these craving are not the “good-for-you kind. However, we all know that pregnancy give women ... Read On
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The Kid In Me And You: Living Life To The Fullest By Taking Cues From The Kids
always say that the best years of ones life are somewhere between “mature” adolescence and somewhere in your mid to late 20s. In fact, I’ve often professed that it’s during these few and in the grand scheme of things, I “do” mean few, years, that we are most often at our peak performance. We can ... Read On
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Tray Bon: The Art Of Dining Parisian Style
Some of my favorite foods are raw veggies, cheese, wine and some whole grain breads. And, while many would suggest that between the dairy, alcohol and carbs, I’m doing myself more harm than good. Yet, there’s another school of thought that applauds these eating habits. In fact, they are the staples ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Health, Fitness & Beauty
One Singular Sensation: Keeping Marriage and Monogamy “Hot”
I recently read an article that suggested that cheating, even the thought of cheating, while not condoned, is quite “common” among couples. And, while it’s not necessarily a phenomenon of our century or generation, in a sense, at least looking at others had become more acceptable. And, many in ... Read On
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Fact Finding Mission: Getting Real About Your Feelings May Mean A “New and Improved” You
So many of us, myself included (though I’d like to convince myself I’m “perfect”) often experience frustration, highs and lows, and a host of emotions based on the situation at hand. And, all too often we act out of immediate impulse and on our current feelings. Yet, if most of us examine these ... Read On
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Sweet Dreams: Choosing A Mattress For You And Your Mate
Finding a home/apartment (of your own) is usually at the top of the priority list for most newlyweds. And, when it comes to moving into your own place and space, we all now how important the bed can be. But, as time goes on you’ll find that a bed you can comfortably SLEEP on and get a good night’s ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Home & Lifestyle
Mouth To Mouth: Toothbrush Safety Tips
I recently babysat for some friends of ours and remember stressing to the kids the need to brush their teeth before bed. And, by dh and I must have an “oral fixation” we don’t know about because we are fastidious about brushing not only in the morning and at night, but I actually brush after every ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Safety
Less Pain, More Gain: How To Make Your Workout Painlessly Work For You
One of my closest friends recently went to check out a personal trainer to help her get back in shape, only to “complain” about paying someone to “torture her” and leave her in pain. But, her husband and I try to explain, that pain was a “good” thing and reminded her of the “no pain, no gain” ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Health, Fitness & Beauty
Children Behaving Beautifully: Instilling Good Habits In your Kids
We all hope and pray for healthy children, but once they are part of our world and the world at large, instilling and ensuring healthy habits, at least without “nagging” may not be as easy as you thought. After all our kids are the target market for video games, afternoon and early evening ... Read On
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