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The Good, The Bad and The Tasty: Fabulous Foods For Your Heart and Health
With so many food and food substitute choices out there these days, not to mention continually conflicting reports, it’s become quite confusing to discern between the good, the bad, and the tasty. Yet experts affirm that the best “diet” is a healthy one full of some of smart food choices, and you ... Read On
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Show Me The Honey: How To Show Your Partner You Still Care
Most relationships go from “puppy love” to merely hounding each other with daily rhetoric and obligations. Still, our lover remains one of the most cherished treasures in our lives. So, what’s changed besides our own attitude? According to experts, nothing. In fact, most note that our love and ... Read On
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Daddy Dynamics: Identifying With Your New Role In The Family And In Life
It was fun (and thrilling) thinking about, it was probably more fun trying, not so much dealing (and living) with a pregnant wife, and now, you probably just don’t know what to think any more. First you were the boyfriend, the significant other, the fiancé, the husband and head of the household ... Read On
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Time Yourself: Secrets of Effective Time Management
One of my biggest personal pet peeves (and I have many) is people who aren’t on time. I’m generally a forgiving person and can understand a few minutes of tardiness or up to a half hour (with a warning phone call) but perpetual perpetrators are a primary petulance. We all know “someone” like ... Read On
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Hot Couture: How To Make Sure Your Looks Sizzle, Even When It’s Scotching Hot Outside
It’s hot and humid and you don’t feel like leaving the (air-conditioned) house, never mind putting any kind of effort into HOW you’re leaving the comforts of home for the discomforts of heat and humidity that promise to wreak havoc on your efforts the minute you set foot out the front door. Your ... Read On
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Baroque Black Tie: It’s Not Just Black and White Any More:
Fashion visionaries are making some very bold fashion statements this upcoming season, especially when it comes to formal fashion. While the little black dress epitomized style and elegance, modern day () are far from back in black. Color is quickly replacing the somber shades of black, grey ... Read On
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Raising Cain: Being Able To Understand Your Teenage Son
If you thought men where hard to understand, just try figuring out teenage boys. At least with daughter’s you can rely on PMS as an excuse for attitude and mood swings, but how can you justify your son’s behavior. Well, according to experts, boys are no stranger to deviations in disposition. In ... Read On
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Ready or Not Here I Grow: Understanding Teenage Girls
Girls will be girls, in fact many women are (still) little girls deep down inside, but whether they’ll grow up to be “good” girls or not may depend on YOUR understanding of them during adolescence and how you nurture their adolescent nature. They are frequently “cranky” and “confused”, moody, ... Read On
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Young Hearts: Ma, He’s Making Eyes At Me….Boy Meets Girl and How To Handle Adolescent Attraction
It all starts (fairly innocently) with tugging of the hair, and slowly graduates to the tugging of the heartstrings. Little girls and little boys, who don’t even “understand” attraction, can frequently be heard talking about boyfriends, girlfriends and the person they are going to marry….most ... Read On
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The Truth About Cats and Dogs: Seniority Issues Facing You And Your Aging Pet
Now that you are married and starting or with a family of your own, chances are, your spouse and family are your new “best friends”. But what about your trusted “old” companion, yup, the family pet. Besides sensing a shift in priorities, your pet is also may be feeling a bit sluggish these ... Read On
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Facing The World Beautifully: Tips and Tricks For Every Occasion:
With summer officially here and the weather heating up there’s lots of fun in the sun that you may want to look “hot” for. Add some summer sizzle to your look with some of the professionals’ sultry secrets: Afternoon Delights: Barbeques and other outdoor daytime events. The Look: Pretty ... Read On
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Guardian Angels: Designating Parental A Parental Proxy For Your Children
Parents are generally always worried about the well-being of their children, constantly concerned about keeping them “innocent” and out of harms way. But, what most moms and dads fail to think about is the possibility of something happening to them, the primary providers and protectors. Should your ... Read On
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