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Not So Fatal Attraction: Rekindling Your Marital Attraction
“Till Death Do Us Part”. At least that’s the intention when it comes to “happily ever after”. Still, with busy lives, hectic lifestyles, and never-ending day full of scheduled appointments and obligations, only to retire to a boudoir where the only excitement is what’s on the TV, marriage may ... Read On
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Measure For Measure: The Scoop On “Diet Disasters”
Working out? Dieting? And, still struggling to shed those (last) few extra pounds? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, most of us seem to plateau just when we think we’ve just got a few more pounds to go. And, the problem according to experts, is not that we aren’t working out hard enough, well, not ... Read On
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Gene Therapy: How Simple Changes Can Protect Yours From Toxicity
Bottled water, juice, tea, coffee, etc., especially for those with kids and on the go, can be positively practical, but it can also be downright dangerous, if not potentially poisonous. Yet most of us don’t think twice about grabbing a bottled water, if not refilling the bottle, nuking our ... Read On
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Parenting Style: How To “Perfect” Yours
Regardless of how HUGE your circle of friends was back in high school and in your freshman and sophomore year of college what most people, especially women will find, it that, that circle begins to “close” by the time you graduate and enter the workforce. From friends who “hook up”, get married, ... Read On
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Adoption Etiquette: Preparing For An Alternate Route To Parenthood
When most couples think of starting a family they most likely think “traditionally’, starting a family. Still, for some, the process may be a bit more “contemporary” than conventional. And, yes, we’re talking about adoption. According to experts brining a child into your home, no matter which ... Read On
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Health Benefits: Simple Steps To Help Reduce Your Risk Of Preclampsia
Preclampsia: An often “common” condition in pregnant women that results in swelling and dangerously high blood pressure, affecting 8 percent of pregnancies and marked as the leading cause of early inductions and c-sections. And, while not entirely “preventable”, there are certain things woman ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Pregnancy
I’ve Got Something To Say: Effective Ways Of Communicating
When it comes to relationships of any sort, communication is key and so, is honesty. And, saying what you mean as well as meaning what you say is crucial for making things work. In fact, while it may have devastated a potential friendship, I recently had the opportunity to let someone who was a ... Read On
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Bridges Over Troubled Waters: NY Bridges To Become “Private Property”
“And if you believe that one, there’s a bridge I can sell you”. This once, “tongue in cheek” perspective on the dangers of “naivety, may, soon be a modern day actuality. In fact, Governor Patterson recently called an emergency session of the state Legislature, stating that due to a burgeoning ... Read On
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Get Your Shine On: Achieving a Big, Bold, And Bright Smile
Summer is the season of brights and whites, and that includes your sizzling smile. But, our grown-up habits tend to stain our otherwise sparkling pearly whites, unless of course know some secrets that will really give you something to smile about. · Fabulous fiber: While most of our favourite ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Health, Fitness & Beauty
Play By The Rules: The Etiquette Of Play Dates.
We all now about social graces and office etiquette, but how many of us, especially those who are new and first-time parents, are familiar with the “politics” of the playground? Yes, there are rules and regulations, not only for children, but also for the parents, when it comes to play dates and ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Family Life & Parenting
Getting Your Style On: Hot Tips For Hot Mamas
Motherhood is a very exciting time in a woman’s and couple’s life, but parenting may leave both feeling anything “but” excited. In fact, mom and dad may find themselves feeling quite exhausted. Still, most of us have images of moms and dads that are the picture perfect family. And both Hollywood ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Pregnancy
Outdoor Activities: The Ins And Outs Of Sensational Summer Entertaining.
This past weekend my DH, a friend and I went to another friends outdoor holiday pool party. And, each time we visit, especially in the summer we are both thrilled to have them on our A-list and envious of their outrageous set-up. Still, not everyone wants a pool or has space for it, or a deck, ... Read On
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