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Attention Getters: Giving Her The Attention She Needs And Getting The Attention You Need.
Most women dream about marrying the handsome, sensitive, caring, successful, charming prince who will wine them, dine them, and romance them like they do in the books and movies. Some ladies may even find some semblance of this otherwise “extinct” creature in the man we choose to marry. Yet, ... Read On
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Out Of The Closet: Classic Fashion Accessories You NEED To Bring Out Of “Hiding”
Every woman wants to be and achieve a classic beauty, and part of that, according to experts, is refining her classic look, by keeping a few classics (that never go out of style) in her closet. 1. Diamonds And Pearls: While gold, silver, pewter, and platinum may go in and out of style; ... Read On
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Buy Low, Sell High: Simple Renovation To Help You Get The Most For Your Home
We all know that real estate is a pretty good and solid investment, but only if it yields us more money than we dished out. And, most of us, at least when purchasing our first home, opt for something just below what we want, and go for something we can afford, and rely on getting more than what ... Read On
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What’s In Store When You Restore : Finding A Contractor You Can Trust
One of the best ways to start investing in real estate is by taking the plunge and buying your own home. But, many new homes these days may be out of your financial price range. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or couldn’t attain one. In fact, one of the hottest trends is buying an ... Read On
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Back To The Table: Why Eating As A Family Can Nourish Your Child’s Development.
Every parent want better for their child (children) and every parent fears but expects their child (children) to go through a “rebellious” phase where they experiment with ways of life that are less than suitable, leaving moms and dads hoping that their antics are temporary and not enough to get ... Read On
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Too Hot To Trot: Could Your Wardrobe Be Keeping You From Climbing The Corporate Ladder.
Dressing for success has been a hot topic since it became popular way back when. But, if you’re one of us many professional women out in the work force who want to be taken seriously, it seems we are at a serious disadvantage. From frivolous teen fashions to cheesy cheesecloth fabrics there’s ... Read On
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For Worse Not Better: How We Are Responsible For Harming Our Health
We all have “bad” habits that are detrimental to our lifestyle and health. The obvious ones, such as drinking, smoking, etc. are well, obvious. But, according to experts we have some more unobtrusive and “less harmful” habits, which may be just as “destructive” and “dangerous”. 1. Dinner ... Read On
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Rise And Shine: The Basics Of Baking
Aaahhhh, the sweet scents of spring and summer. And most of them have to with flowers. Yet, many of these scintillating smells have to do with another type of flour, the one responsible for giving us some of our favorite summer treats. But, when it comes to baking, you’ll want to sift through ... Read On
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Business Blunders: Subconscious “Signals” That May Set You Back In Your “Corporate” Climb
Men have always had the notoriety of (for the most part) being avid go-getters who were eager to climb the corporate or career ladder. In fact, their social or financial status has always been a significant part of who they ARE and whom they and we define them as. But, according to recent ... Read On
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Keeping Your (Baby’s) Head Up: Knowing What Shape Is Normal And How To Help Shape Your Infant’s Head and Future:
We all know that when babies are born their skulls are soft and that they can’t hold their head straight. But, what most of us may not know is that most newborns enter the world with slightly “off-kilter” heads. According to experts infant’s “misshapen” skulls can be a result of their heads ... Read On
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The H Factor: Three Ways To Find Inner Strength, Peace, And Happiness
Achieving peace and happiness is something we all strive for. From being content in our jobs, friendships, marriages and personal lives, we are all looking for that “secret formula” for success. And, experts agree that in order to be happy in other areas of your life, we must all first be happy ... Read On
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A Taste Of Summer: Foods To Bar Before You Dare To Bare:
Yeah, summer is almost here, and that means taking off more clothes and potentially putting on more pounds. While winter foods have traditionally gotten a bad rap for being rich in taste and calories, summer foods such as ice creams and ice fraps aren’t far behind. In fact, too many and your ... Read On
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