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Accredited Education: Teaching Your Child About Money And Credit:
So, you want to help your child establish a dynamic future. Besides the basics, such as reading, writing, and “rithmathic”, you may want to help him/her establish some credit…and according to experts (and statistics showing that most adults are in serious credit debt), the sooner, the better. · ... Read On
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Show and Tell: How To Get Him Hooked On PDAs.
With all the “big” talk guys do about their physical prowess, their love of sex and women and their (supposed) “insatiable” appetite for all of the above you think they would have also mastered the skill of effectively getting a women into bed, or at least motivating her enough to climb in herself. ... Read On
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Think Outside The Box: How To Handle Unpacking:
You’ve envisioned just how every room is going to look once you get everything in place, but getting everything in place means getting everything out of the boxes first. Sure you’ve got most of them labeled and opened, but now you have to figure out just where to start and where everything is going ... Read On
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Moving In A New Direction: How To Acclimate To Your New Environment:
Most of us can remember how difficult it was adjusting to a new school or neighborhood when we were kids and all we had to worry about was making friends. In fact, school offered us a friend rich environment to work from. So, you can probably imagine how much more of a challenge adjusting may be ... Read On
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Do You Think I’m Sexy: What Women Fear Most About Getting “Close”
She may very well be a confident partner, businesswoman, and parent. She may even be a very confident flirt with a positive self-image….but that’s only the part she lets you and the world see. Under all that seductive allure, including that come hither smile and bedroom eyes is a women who’s hoping ... Read On
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Smooth Moves: Tips On Making Your Move Safe And Easy
So, you’re married and ready to move on with your (adult) life….and for many, that may also mean an actual move into a new home or apartment. Packing up your life (lives) and moving can be an exhilarating and exciting experience, but it can also be an experience that may move you to tears. With so ... Read On
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Owning Up To Home Ownership: Some Timeless Tips For Making Your House A Home Sweet Home
Whether your moving into your first home, first new home, or simply to another home, it never ceases to be exciting, including all the added responsibility that comes along with home ownership. Part of this beautiful experience is learning all about making and keeping your house a home beautiful. ... Read On
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Financial Finesse: >Learning To Think Like A Savvy Saver
In a society that promotes a variety of individual freedoms, very few things in life are actually free. In fact, our economic freedoms that provide us with capital gains are the most notorious culprit behind our self imposed capital punishment as we individually and collaboratively dig ourselves ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Investment Tips
Borrowing Basics: Questions To Ask Before You Take Out A Loan
Money is something we all think about or need to borrow at one point or another. Whether you want to buy a home, a car, make some home improvements or invest in your child’s education, borrowing money requires some financial savvy. Here are some suggestions of things to consider. 1. Is There An ... Read On
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Buy Lines: A Closer Look At Mortgage Options For Buying Or Refinancing A Home
In the market for a home or the opportunity to refinance? Experts say there are more choices now than ever before, including the option of paying off the interest and postponing paying off the principal for several years. Financial experts however note that although this “enviable” option is ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Investment Tips
Twice As Nice: How You Can “Double” Your Weight Loss Success By Pairing Up With A “Partner”.
We all know that losing weight requires us to stay active. We also know that certain activities simply require two people (such as tennis or pool), others are simply more fun with a “challenger”. According to experts, shedding pounds can be among them. In fact, statistics show that those who “diet” ... Read On
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