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No-Kidding: Time Out Just For Mom and Dad
One of the best gifts a couple can give to each other is children and a family, one of the best gift parents can give to each other is time out and away from the kids and family. For many moms and dads kids at camp or going back to school can mean some extra (free) time on your hands. ... Read On
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Fear Factor: Guiding Your Child Through Insecurity, Shyness and Fear
Children who are shy, timid, and reserved may be “coveted” by many parents or parents to be. Yet, according to experts, children are supposed to be outgoing and energetic. Those who are overly apprehensive and bashful may eventually experience self-esteem issues and need early interference and ... Read On
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Home “Security” System: Deciding On The Right Insurance To Protect Your Investment
Outside of your education, purchasing a home is probably the largest investment you’ve ever embarked on. You are bound to want to protect your investment and one of the easiest ways to do it is by making yet another investment in home insurance, In fact, experts note that most home buyers purchase ... Read On
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Let Me Entertain You: Mastering The Art Of Home Entertaining:
With the ever-increasing prevalence of super-sized, super supped up vehicles, super-sized homes and super-sized meals, it would seem quite ironic that our home lives to have actually “downsized”. In fact, the once “weekly” tradition of gathering with friends and family seems to have, for the ... Read On
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Has Your Love LIfe Lost It's Sizzle? A Simple Recipe For Spicing Up Your Love Life:
I was once at the movies with a friend and pointed out a couple that just didn’t seem like they belonged together. I said to him, I don’t know if they’re married or not, but they just don’t look like a couple to me. With his typical quick wit, my friend turned to me and said, she hasn’t stopped ... Read On
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An Education On Education: Preparing For The College Experience
You probably can remember when junior/juniorette got on his/her first school bus and now he/she is offer to achieve a higher education. You’re excited, proud, and just as nervous and “scared” as his/her first day of kindergarten. Will he or she be able to keep up with the work, will your child ... Read On
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Common Cents: Tips On Budgeting And Saving
You want the good life, but you can’t afford it, despite all those straight A’s and years of collegiate education. You’re also thinking that you’ve deprived yourself enough. No matter where you are in life, you can’t help but think of all those times you sacrificed in hopes of attaining something ... Read On
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Snack Attack: What To Eat After A Workout
So, you’re trying to slim down, but you’re feeling as if the only thing your regimented work out is helping you accomplish is working up an appetite. Fret not, according to experts, an increased metabolism can often mean an increased appetite. In fact eating “more” is more than normal and healthy, ... Read On
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Sip Into Something More Comfortable: The Steamy Secrets Behind Your Favorite Cup
If you’re tired of dishing out five dollars or more for a latte, here’s the latest scoop on some of the tastiest trends that will satisfy your cravings to a tea. 1. Green Tea: A popular beverage from the orient made of leaves that are withered and rolled, but heated dry (or “fired”) to ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Home & Lifestyle
To a Tea: How To Brew The Perfect Cup
With more and more folks learning about all the (health) benefits of these “hot” little, numbers, teas are more than just a tease for your taste buds. Savory Sensations: From black, to white and various varieties of green, teas have become the new drink of choice for many health conscious men ... Read On
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Latching On To Independence: Signs That Your Child Is Ready To Be Left Home Alone:
It may seem ironic, but most kids who were made “responsible” for their own actions, actually got into less “trouble” than their overprotected (and over-babied) peers. Although the term latchkey kid bears the burden of an un-necessarily negative connotation, and images of parents who selfishly ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Family Life & Parenting
On The Go: Tips For Honeymooners And Travelers
Foreign excursions have a tendency to be exciting and fascinating, but they also have a reputation for being a tourist’s “nightmare”. There's no shortage of stories about the benefits of exhibiting caution in where you stay, what you eat, and whom you associate with. Some helpful hints to help ... Read On
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