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Part 1 - Retirement Benefits: > Advice on how to prepare for and enjoy your retirement
Misery and/or happiness most would agree is an attitude, and if you know anything about psychology, depends on whether you’re more prone to viewing the class as half empty or half full. I say your view may depend on how much you’re enjoying what you’re drinking. Experts agree that embracing ... Read On
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Part 2 - Home Sweet Home: Things To Consider Before Retiring
Money and Finances: With the cost of living increasing exponentially these days (especially if you want to live and not merely exist) after retirement there’s no doubt you’re going to need money to spend if you’re going to expend any time and energy into actually enjoying your retirement. It is ... Read On
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Part 3 - The Road To Shangri-La: An Indepth Look At Reitirement Planning
Whether you’re a mom, dad, or professional, most of us define ourselves by what we are and what we do. Despite the (frequent) complaints and extreme desire for more down time and personal time away from the office, many find much truth in the old axiom “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s ... Read On
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Part 1 - All’s Fair In Love And War: Protecting Your Child From An Abusive Relationship
Most of us have taught our children/teens about the perils of trusting and befriending a stranger. Yet, most of us probably don’t even consider, discuss or even entertain the idea of the risks presented by those we know and love and consider family, friends, and lovers. According to experts, ... Read On
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Part 2 - Warning Signals: Sigsn Of (Relationship) Abuse
Statistics indicate that among the one in three teens that experience abusive relationships, most are young ladies/women between the ages of 16-24. What’s more shocking however is that most adolescents are able to “justify” the situation and accept it as “normal” based on their improper and ... Read On
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Part 3 - Dating Safely: Smart Strategies For Teens And Young Adults
Since dating is all about getting to KNOW the other person and establishing a healthy relationship, you may want to consider the following safety tips that show respect for yourself and your potential partner/relationship and are just plain good ole’ fashioned common sense. · Double date until ... Read On
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Part 1 - Career Moves: How To Land The Job You Want
Strategies for finding a job and keeping it are just as important as “working it” so that your talents will be noticed and you will glide swiftly up the company ladder. With millions unemployed worldwide and literally legions of (well-educated) graduates entering (or even re-entering) the ... Read On
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Part 2 - Job Security: Holding Down A Job Once You Get One
While the term job security may seem like a “buzz” word or a unattainable “catch” phrase, experts say, it’s essential to make it work. From your ability to secure a loan, a credit card, certain investments, a home, etc, much of it is contingent on your work history which speaks volumes about your ... Read On
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Part 3 - Cyber Search Strategies For Finding Employment Online
You’d think that if online dating has become an acceptable way to meet your match, then surfing the net for the perfect job would present a popular alternative to pounding the pavement. While statistics stipulate that nearly 100 percent of the people in some countries rely on the net for ... Read On
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The Beauty of Food: Coosing The Right Foods And Eating For All The Right Reasons
Food doesn’t have to be a four-letter word. In fact it can be a fortifying and rejuvenating experience. In fact, many experts agree that food is not only essential for keeping us alive, but for keeping us happy, healthy and young in body, mind, and spirit. The primary problem with food, is ... Read On
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Part 1 - The Dating Game:
How many times have we, or some we know, joked about the possibility of setting up two adorable infants? Our (well-intentioned) intentions are frequently at a point well before the youngsters are even walking or talking and far from having, and expressing an interest in the opposite sex. Still the ... Read On
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Part 2 - “Dirty” Little Secrets: The Truth About Teens and Sex:
Growing up is what every child wants for himself/herself and what every parent wants for his/her child. But, what every parent fears and dreads, is having his/her child grow up to fast. While YOU may believe the “choice” is YOURS, experts suggest the contrary. Though you ARE your child’s primary ... Read On
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