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Vitamin Vitality: The Benefits Of Folic Acid For Baby Bearing Women
A headline I recently “stumbled” across read to the effect of “you are what you eat”, especially as it pertains to health. And, a healthy diet is especially important to ladies of childbearing age say experts. But, with so many conflicting reports about what’s “safe” and what’s “out’, expectant ... Read On
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The Scoop On Short Sales
When it comes to finding the right home, we all know that it’s about “location, location, location”. But along with ideal location, often comes a less ideal price tag and perhaps long negotiations and a long, drawn out waiting (and saving) process before you can move into the house of your ... Read On
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Snow Babies: Hosting A “Hot” Birthday Party For Kids Born In The Winter
Whether it’s wedding, bbqs or some other celebration, it seems that the warm weather and sunshine are more enticing when it comes to “partying”. And, for little ones born in the winter months, that may mean a feeling of being “jipped” when it comes to having a “cool” party . But, experts ... Read On
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It’s Potty Time: Getting Your Pup To “Go”
When we think of or hear the term “potty training”, most of us immediately think of toilet training a baby. But, what if that “baby” is your precious pup? According to experts, while YOUR ultimate goal may be to keep your floors and carpets clean, just like training a baby, pups “go” when they ... Read On
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Drink To Your Health: Happy Hour Gets Healthy
Not too long ago, a new (trendy and timely) “catch phrase” was brought to my attention, and that term is “green drinks”, the name given to informal networking sessions hosted and attended by (mostly) those in the environmental field. And, like most networking “socials” you can expect most to bring ... Read On
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Banking On The Future: The Smart Way To Save
Someone, who shall remain nameless recently helped their teen “invest” in an over $200 dollar cell phone and helped her with a plan that includes internet and text messaging, a package that even with a full-time career I personally find an un-necessary expense. And, while this lovely young lady ... Read On
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Leftover Logistics: Storing Leftover Foods
With my hectic schedule, I usually don’t get home until after 7pm and that means DH has to “wait” (willingly) so that we can have dinner. But, we all know what the experts say about eating after 7, “don’t do it”. But, if you have to shop and cook after work, eating any sooner seems like an ... Read On
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Boosting Your View Of You
My entire life, though extremely grateful for who I am and what I’ve been given, couldn’t help but, on occasion want to be taller with lean lanky legs and a smaller rear view. Yet, my friends who are built this way remind me that they long for the opposite, noting that they’ve always (because of ... Read On
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Twice As Nice: Giving Your Loved One A Second Chance
Marriage, it’s a commitment “for better or worse”, and sometimes depending on how YOU define worse, life may seem better off without him or her. Still, you “did” pledge your love forever and you probably, despite the fact you didn’t want to listen, were told that marriage means lots of compromises ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Relationship
Enter At Your Own Risk: The Truth About What’s Hiding In Your Floors
Ironically enough DH while DH is all about homes with modern and futuristic appeal, and I all about the cozy ambiance of simple (but updated) country hominess, he prefers plush carpets, while I lean toward sleek, and clean hardwood floors, In either case there are pros and cons, and one “con” ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Safety
Exercising Your Mind: Getting In Shape May Be An Issue Of Mind Over Matter
Up until two years ago, I was able to do a full split. And, even “I” was pretty impressed. But, after settling into married life and a new desk job, my flexability was far from what it use to be. In fact, once I started working with my personal trainer, muscles I didn’t even know I had, were ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Health, Fitness & Beauty
Dishing It Out: Making Meals Health AND Tasty
From hoping and praying for a health pregnancy and a happy, healthy bouncing baby, to maintaining our own well-being, we, especially in the last decade or two, have become a “health-obsessed” nation. And, from green cleaning products to organic fare, we’ve found out that we ARE often what we ... Read On
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