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Sense and Sensibility: Life Coaches Help You Make Sense Of It All
We all know someone who is always asking for money and is in dire need of a financial planner. But how about the person, and it may be you, who just can’t seem to get their life and goals in order. Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to associate a negative stigma to such struggles. But, just ... Read On
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Holiday Recovery: Starting The New Year On The Right Foot
The holidays (at least for me) are always exciting. Besides finding pleasure in finding just the perfect gift and creating a unique way to wrap it, it’s more about the gathering of friends and family and lots of good food and good fun. Still all the excitement, anticipation and quick “climax” can ... Read On
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Relating To His Relatives: How To Handle Hard-To-Handle In-Laws And Family
Ever wonder how the man you love ever got to be part of a family you just can’t get along with and simply don’t understand? Well, ladies, you are not alone. Most brides (brides-to-be) ponder how their beloved ever became part of his brood. In fact, most wonder how “he” turned out so normal in such ... Read On
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Toys For Tots: Are You Buying Your Child The Right Toys?
If you’re anything like me, then you’re big on educational gifts and toys for kids. Well, just when you were all proud of yourself for avoiding the pitfall of offering the next generation mindless toys and activities, you may want to think again. According to at least one child psychologist, the ... Read On
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You Got It Sports Fans : Fun Ways To Keep Healthy And Stay In Shape
The notion that exercise has to be tedious and boring is a rather recent notion. In fact, in years gone by, activity was part of life; work and the reason most folks back then were in better shape. And, while people today are certainly being good sports about staying fit, experts suggest ... Read On
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Career-Minded Mates: Dealing When He Or She Spends More Time At The Office Than At Home
One of the biggest issues couples face, besides getting use to each other (and in-laws) is money. Even if there’s plenty of it, finances can be a point of contention. From who makes more, to how many hours are spent on the job (and away from home) money is often the root of many marital ... Read On
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The Plus-Side Of Exercise: Don’t Let Your Weight Stop You From Exercising
While we all know unequivocally that exercise is good for us, most of us can find some sort of excuse on why we can’t find time for fitness. Ironically we only “need” between 20 to 40 minutes minimum per day. Still, some “excuses” are legitimate, and those, according to experts include medical ... Read On
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The Spin Doctors: Expert Advice For Doing Laundry
People use to ask me how married life was to which I answered, “just like single life, only double the work.” And, it’s likely that many other women/couples feel the same way. In fact, my husband always jokes that now with two of us, things should only take half the amount of time, not ... Read On
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Ancient Chinese Secret: The Origins Of The Fortune Cookie
Who doesn’t love some Asian fare? In fact, Chinese food is good whether you eat it our or at home, straight out of the container while watching a movie. And, if you select wisely (Grasshopper) it may even be good for you. Well, all except the sugar filled “Fortune Cookie” Did you ever wonder ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Travel & Leisure
With Absolute Resolve: Things Your Should Resolve To Do In The Next Year
I recently tuned into a show on the radio in which the commentator was noting that the problem with society is that we tell people that they need to love themselves more, when in reality most of us need to be a little less selfish and a little more selfless. Yet, according to some experts, there ... Read On
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Men Of The Year: Why They Are Getting Better All The Time
One of the biggest dreams every little girl has is to grow up, meet her “Prince Charming” get married and start a family of her own. And, every girl dreams of her fairytale wedding. But, for many, by the time they are young women past the raging (adolescent) passion, infatuation, and hormones, ... Read On
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Arrive In Style: What It Means To Be A Good Guest
My husband and I often have this discussion, as he asserts that I’m always out shopping for someone or something. To clarify, he does not think that I spend too much money, but he is instead curious as to “why” so many “gift”. When I try to explain that besides birthdays, holidays, etc. for both ... Read On
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