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And the Sun is Shining: Making Your Mornings Happier and Healthier
Everyone seems to have a preferred part of the day: some people are night owls, loving to stay up into the wee hours. Some people devour the morning, choosing to wake up extra early to embrace the day and start with a fresh outlook. These morning people can seem like aliens to the rest of us: how ... Read On
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Fruitful Belly Busters: Fruit to Help You Maintain and Lose Weight
We’re always looking for a couple of healthy food choices that will help us feel satisfied while also helping improve out health. Let’s face it; as soon as doctors started recommending small amounts of dark chocolate daily to assist with digestion, the national dark chocolate sales started ... Read On
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The Sweet Life: The Health Benefits of Chocolate
Many women can relate; sometimes, after a long day, you just feel like a piece of chocolate. Something about the melt in your mouth texture just seems to make life a little better. There may be more reasons to pick up that piece of chocolate than to just elevate your current mood. The health ... Read On
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A Frugal Heating Guide: Tips to Keeping Your Heating Bill In Check
Even during this roller-coaster of a season, you know that Jack Frost is just around the corner and soon you’ll need the heat on at all times. The thought of the cold isn't just depressing when you’re an avid summer lover, but also to anyone who knows they’ll have a horrifying heating bill to look ... Read On
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Germ Fighting Food: Nutrient-Rich Foods that Help Build Your Immune Defense
With winter here it's the time of year when the windows are closed and the heat is turned up. Unfortunately, when you turn up the heat to keep your family warm you're also creating an incubator for the germs that also make their way into your home. You disinfect all of your surfaces and wash your ... Read On
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Fighting the Winter Blues with Healthy Food Choices
Depression can hit anyone at any time, but there seems to be times of the year when it strikes hardest for most. In the winter time, depression can often sky rocket from a lack of light and sunlight, causing your levels of serotonin to plummet. There are many ways to help counter the effects; ... Read On
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Running Ahead and Keeping Warm: Cold Weather Exercise Safety Tips
Keeping yourself healthy and in shape is an important part of improving both your mental and physical health. There is nothing better for a bad mood than a good endorphin rush! With winter around the corner with the cold weather sure to follow exercising outdoors can turn tricky. Exercising is to ... Read On
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Tips of the Travel: Tricks to Save A Little When Planning Your Transportation
When you’re getting ready for a trip, one of the most difficult aspects can be finding transportation that falls within your budget. With increasing taxes and fees, airfare can sometimes cost you more than the rest of your vacation combined! It’s important to be a savvy shopper, now days, and to ... Read On
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The Power of Actions: Ideas for “Paying It Forward”
Bills pile up, arguments brew among family members, and jobs keep demanding more for less with each coming year: with so much chaos and turmoil in our daily lives, it’s hard sometimes to remember the bright and beautiful in this world. It’s hard to be thankful when someone holds a door open for you ... Read On
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Let Go and Live Free: Breaking Your Bad Habit
The human personality is something that can be hard to overcome and control. We are strong minded and become easily susceptible to bad habits and additions. This year, instead of starting the New Year with an arbitrary “New Year’s resolution,” do a little self searching. We all have bad habits that ... Read On
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Avoid the Clumping: Keeping Your Favorite Nail Polish Thin
When you find the perfect shade of any kind of makeup, it’s almost like meeting your soul mate. You just want to hold on for as long as humanly possible; think of the times that you scraped the corners out of your favorite shadow for just one more application or nearly rubbed your lips raw because ... Read On
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The Power of Nature: Healing Properties of Pine
One of the first signs of the holiday season is the influx of special “holiday scents” into the usual candle and scent infusers that consumers use in their homes. One of the most popular scents, year round, is the scent of fresh pine. It reminds people of the holidays and the special times that ... Read On
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