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Saving Face: Protecting Kids From Dangerous Surroundings
As parents or potential parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, educators, religious leaders, etc, we have a variety of concerns when it comes to our children or the children of friends and loved ones. We worry about their health, their behavior, their development, and their future. And, ... Read On
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To Serve And Protect: The Purpose Of Renter’s Insurance:
So, you’ve finally unpacked all those eclectic essentials you’ve gotten for your shower or as wedding gifts and have found the perfect home for them in your apartment and new home. But, what if there’s an emergency and you’re stuff is damaged or destroyed. How will you ever repair or replace it? ... Read On
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Lawn and Order: Identifying Fact From Fiction
It’s that time of year where most of us get spring fever and a green thumb. But when it comes separating fact from fiction concerning lawn care, most of us are still pretty green. 1. Greener Pastures Are A Result Of Chemical Fertilizers And Insecticides: Experts assert that not only are ... Read On
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Foreign Exchange: Traveling Outside Your Currency Zone:
Whether you go oversees or to an exotic island, chances are you’ll likely need to exchange your currency for the local tender. But, sometimes that can be quite time consuming and you may not necessarily know where to go once you get there, to your destination that is. According to experts the ... Read On
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From The Ground Up: Tasty Spices And Garnishes Right In Your Own Backyard
Back in the Garden Of Eden its inhabitants were supposed to dine on plants, flowers and herbs, and it seems that, that philosophy is making its way into mainstream modern-day meals and menus. In fact, more and more seasoned chefs are spicing things up with earthly herbs and are garnishing their ... Read On
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Eating For Two: Healthy Diets For Vegetarian Expectant Moms And Those Trying To Conceive.
So, on one hand you’re told to start eliminating certain foods from your diet, and on the other your told to make sure your add them, especially if your trying to conceive. So, which is it? Well, it just may be both. While there’s no need to go back to eating meat, or even fish, experts suggest ... Read On
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Mommy I’m Hungry (Again): A Look At Prader-Willi Syndrome
Parents have always been typically been concerned with the health and nutrition of their children. And, with all the chemicals contained in “mainstream” foods these days, it would seem that the best option (though they need careful cleansing as well) are organic alternatives. But today’s parents ... Read On
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Tooling Around: All The Right Tools For Planting The Garden Of Your Dreams
Do-it-yourself gardening is much like do-it-yourself home repair; you MUST know what you’re doing. And, you also NEED to have the right equipment. Experts suggest getting started by comparing weight and how the tool feels when you hold it, and when you attempt to maneuver it. They add that ... Read On
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Something Old, Something New: Buying New Vs. Buying Used
One of the best ways to save a buck is often by buying used. But when it comes to certain items, experts assert it’s best to hold off until you can afford new. Among these: 1. Cribs and Bassinettes: Unless you are well versed in when and how the item was made, how it was rated, and who it ... Read On
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I’m Not Worthy: How To Go About Asking For A Raise
We all wish we had or could make more money, but few of us have the guts to ask for it. Yet, according to the experts, the only way to get what we want is by actually going after it, even if that means asking. But, according to experts the “asking” (process) has two parts: things you need to ... Read On
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Let The Sun Shine: The Truth About Tanning Salons And UV Exposure
So, you want to look “hot” for your wedding, your honeymoon and for your man (or woman) and you make getting a little “color” one of your top priorities. According to experts it’s not always better to look good than feel good and they note that UV rays may in fact be contributing to doubling the ... Read On
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Generation X-cellence: Achieving Timeless Elegance In Your Ensemble And Appearance
The generation (of designs) has left many wondering whatever happened to elegance and class. Well, according to aficionados in the fashion industry, it seems to have died with the passing of those who made “style” a stable. Among these Audrey Hepburn et al. While much of today’s generation would ... Read On
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