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At work, leave the loner in you outside the door
If you'd rather work alone than be part of a team, or if new situations with co-workers leave you feeling uncomfortable, you could be suffering from a social inhibition or two. Some people who are viewed as capable and attractive limit their potential on the job because they can't believe that ... Read On
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Parents say sharing a room is good for kids
When a house has three or four bedrooms, why are children sharing a room? More parents who put their kids together when they had a smaller house are keeping the arrangement when they move to a bigger one. They say it builds character. About 37 percent of new homes sold in the last decade had ... Read On
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Whatever your age, take steps now to make your hearing last for life
One in every 10 Americans has some degree of hearing loss. That includes teenagers, children, and adults. Though age is a factor, hearing loss isn't a definite condition of advancing years. By protecting your hearing, you could have excellent hearing through retirement years. Today, ... Read On
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How to cover a car's value, insurance gap
The cost of buying a sports utility vehicle and many other types of cars can be $35,000 or more. If the vehicle is wrecked or stolen within the first year, your insurance company may say it's a used car and is now worth just $26,500. You have lost $8,500, and you'll probably have to pay the ... Read On
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To get ahead, clean up bad speech habits
Several types of speech problems make people appear to be uneducated and can hold them back in their careers. Including: * Speaking like an adolescent. Using phrases like "that's like so cool" makes you sound young and inexperienced. Add frequent use of "y' know," and using "go" instead of ... Read On
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Teaching Kids to Solve Problems
Gradually teaching a child to be a self-sufficient person is one of a parent's most important tasks. Some ways to start: Teach brainstorming: When there is a problem, have him come up with solutions. Then help him choose one. Encourage kids to take responsibility: Let them know they have ... Read On
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Watch for early signs of 'frozen shoulder'
Doctors are concerned that cases of frozen shoulder are on the rise. Surgeons at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., say that because of increase in obesity, diabetes, and an aging population, the increase is a continuing concern. Frozen shoulder is a condition in which the shoulder capsule ... Read On
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Read this before starting to shovel snow
Check these instructions from a specialist in ergonomics before you head out to tackle the beautiful white stuff: Keep your spine in an upright, neutral position. * No slouching or twisting. * Bend at the hips and knees to get lower to the ground. * Use your leg muscles to lift ... Read On
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Fireplace Safety
Where there's soot, there may soon be fire Professional chimney cleaners say any soot deposits more than a quarter-inch thick present a fire hazard. The soot, called creosote, is one of the top reasons for the thousands of fires involving fireplaces each year, according to the National Fire ... Read On
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Why you should pay off your mortgage before you retire
More Americans are quitting the workforce without retiring their mortgages. The most recent Federal Reserve survey shows that 32 percent of households headed by someone age 65 to 74 were carrying home-mortgage debt. That could be a mistake. Consider this scenario. Two retired couples have ... Read On
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Drink lightly: RU-21 can't prevent inebriation
During the Cold War, Russian scientists tried to develop a pill that kept their spies from getting drunk. They failed in that, but their supplement did reduce hangovers. In 1999, RU-21 became available to consumers in Russia, and it became available in the U.S. in 2003. It works by helping ... Read On
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How to get the most bang for your buck in remodeling
When it comes to remodeling, there are plenty of ideas about where you should put your money and how much you can expect to get back on it. Some say kitchens, some say bathrooms, others say family rooms. The person who knows best what your house needs is you, maybe with the advice of a real ... Read On
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