Family Chat

Families Helping Families ™
Long Island Families helping Long Island Families! Come and post your Family concerns, solutions, dilemmas or just blow off some steam. Receive some advice or just hear what other Long Island Family members have to say.
Business Helping Families
Need some advice from an experienced Long Island Business? If you have a concern that begins with Who, Where, Why or How then why not ask an experienced professional?
So, you got engaged, had a few parties, a wedding and the honeymoon. You posted your wedding review and wonder, what next! This board is for you newlywed. It's a place where you can start building or expanding new friendships.
Trying To Conceive! Baby Dust! Baby Dust! Baby Dust!
TTC & Pregnancy after Miscarriage
Strength, Support and Friendship!
Resource for changing lives forever.....
Awareness and Support
Nine months and counting!
My Birth Story!
After nine months, the last few hours go fast and so much happens. Well, here's my story...........
Multiple Births
For those that received extra baby dust!!!!
Take two aspirin and call me in the morning!!!!
For those who are thinking about or already have families.
Parents of School-Aged Children
Hey mom, I need lunch money!
A place for step-parents to talk about their concerns, offer support, provide solutions, give helpful advice and ask questions.
Children With Special Needs
Improving the lives of our most precious asset - our children!
Childfree Families!
Don't ask why - that would be rude!
Dedicated to our furry and not so furry friends!
Bereavement Support Group
An opportunity to speak with others who understand your loss, have similar experiences, and who have not only survived but thrived.
When divine intervention is the only thing that can get me through this.
Where people help people in need!
Where Long Island Families can communicate regarding home buying, renting, decorating and improvements.

Not Family Related

One of the two things we aren't supposed to speak about - Politics. We look forward to your opinions!
Diet & Fitness
For the vertically and horizontally blessed!
Crafts, Hobbies & Interests
A scrapbookers paradise! As well as photography, needle arts, crocheting, knitting and anything else you can think of! :-)
Have a favorite book? Just read a best seller? Or did you just read a bomb? What to share?
Dining In or Out
Looking for a restaurant, need a good recipe or looking for a great bottle of wine, check here.
Finance, Budget & Savings
From budget concerns to coupons!
Travel & Vacations
Where in the world should we go?
Looking for a Long Island Career or need to discuss work related issues?
No More Teachers No More Books..... - here is a place for teachers to exchange ideas and vent with each other on those rough days. Teachers, this board is for you!
Lets go Mets, Yanks, Jets, Giants or whom ever you call your home team!
Celebrities & Entertainment
Your #1 source for all Celebrity, Movies, Music and TV info!
Fashion & Beauty!
Because we need more fashion police!
The Maze
...guinea pigs only