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Man-Dates: Simple Steps To Help Even The Most “Average” Joe Become a Dating Dynamo:
When it comes to dating it would seem like women would have the upper hand. With a drove of designs to hide a multitude of “sins”, a few aptly enhanced and accentuated assets, and some make-up magic (and the “proper”) date-time lighting, women can easily make themselves more desirable. Men on ... Read On
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Cleaning Up Your Act: From the Simple To The Simply Luxurious…Ways To Beautify Your Bathroom
With the new open concept homes on the market replete with a bathroom in each room and a fireplace in the ensuite of the master bedroom, it’s easy to believe that revamping the look of your three bedroom Levitt ranch, packed with partitions and one master bath for the entire family to share, is ... Read On
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Shopping Savvy: How To Spend Less But Get More For Your Money
Most of us have heard the term shabby chic, but very few of us proficient at achieving it. In fact, experts agree that there’s an art to shopping for antiques (aka: other people’s junk), at garage sales or even at flea markets. According to experts, success is all about the skill of the hunt ... Read On
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Radon Detectors: Ensuring Your Home Isn’t A Health Hazard:
The ability to buy your very own home and give your family a safe place to grow in may have been a breath of fresh air, but according to recent research, it may be anything but. In fact, some studies show that you may be at risk for lung cancer based on the very foundation you are building your ... Read On
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Cyber Safe: Protecting Your Family Computer From Internet Infidels
One of the biggest violations of privacy occurs right in the “safety” of your own home. In fact your home is constantly being invaded by spies, cyber spies that is. They target your children, adolescents and teens. Spyware publishers make money by making your home PC a veritable “virtual” ... Read On
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En Vogue Home: > Building A Home Full Of Style And Quality:
I know a few someones who were “quick” to “invest” in some furniture that could be considered “period pieces”. The period was the mid to late 1980s, a decade, that as far as fashion and style are concerned, should be forgotten, and who inspired many of us to acquire the latest and greatest in ... Read On
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Parenting Pointers: Avoiding making the most common faux pas and foibles associated with parenting
Getting pregnant was literally signing up for a position you have NO previous experience in or credentials for. Yet, it’s one of the most gratifying and rewarding jobs you could ever do (or so they tell me). While your goal is “perfection” you’ll need to give yourself some elbowroom for trial ... Read On
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Getting Married
Couples who plan on spending their lives together should have a financial plan that they both agree upon and understand. You should spend some time together discussing how you each use and view money and what your financial goals are. If you don’t acknowledge and discuss any money issues you ... Read On
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Part 1 - Working Moms: Should You Work During Your Pregnancy?
Being a mom is without question a full time job and a lot of work, but for many women the “grueling” schedule begins well before baby is born. It’s not unusual for moms (to be) to keep their job. A majority of women have earned a degree and strived toward a career, one, they may not be ready to ... Read On
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Part 2 - Pregnant Pauses: Reasons To Stop Working During Pregnancy
Even if you enjoy your job or feel the need to contribute to the family finances, some key concerns may signal your doctor to suggest temporary leave of absence. Unless you can and are able to work from home, the following are reasons you may want to consider an early maternity leave. 1. Heavy ... Read On
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Part 3 - Proceed With Caution: Work Place Hazards To Avoid
For most women working during pregnancy is a safe and rewarding experience. Yet, many pregnant professionals are at risk….and may be risking baby’s health too. Job environment is hence a considerable concern among women who have conceived or are trying to. Experts emphasize the need and importance ... Read On
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Part 4 - From Material Girls To Maternity Girls: Planning For and Enjoying Your Maternity Leave
Whether or not you “planned” your pregnancy, the one thing you WILL (now) have to plan on is your (and your baby’s) future. Pregnancy is ALL ABOUT lifestyle change, from how you feel, to how you look, to new and rewarding responsibilities, and even a different set of priorities. For many women it ... Read On
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