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Is LASIK surgery right for you?
Millions of Americans have chosen vision-correction surgery as an alternative to wearing glasses or contact lenses. In his book, The Eye Laser Miracle: The Complete Guide to Better Vision (Ballantine), Dr. Andrew Caster says about 95 percent of patients see well enough after the surgery to ... Read On
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IUDs, School, and Homework
IUDs make family planning easy The Mirenda and ParaGuard intrauterine devices (IUDs) are small T-shaped devices which don't trap bacteria as early IUDs did. The Mirenda has the added benefit of curbing heavy menstrual bleeding. It lasts for up to five years. The ParaGard has the lowest ... Read On
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B vitamins called important in preserving memory
Though the role of vitamins in preserving memory is unclear, researchers know that vitamins B 12, folate, and B 6, are crucial for normal brain function. A recent report in Neuropsychology shows that healthy people with a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer's disease (AD) do better on memory ... Read On
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Pocket bikes create problems, danger
Mini motorcycles called "pocket bikes" are becoming more and more popular. The tiny motorcycles provide thrills for people who don't want to pay a lot for a motorcycle, but don't like mopeds. Pocket bikes typically sell for just $300 to $600. But police departments across the country say ... Read On
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A credit score for those with no credit history
Lenders are being offered a new scoring process for people with little or no credit history. These are usually young people, recent immigrants, and low-income individuals. The new scoring plan will make it easier for them to get credit cards and loans without paying high interest rates. Fair ... Read On
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Driving down real estate commissions
Many home sellers are looking for ways to avoid the common real estate commission of 6 or 7 percent. That percentage translates into a fee of more than $10,000 on the sale of the median-priced U.S. home. One reason commissions are high: The value of the median home in the U.S. has risen to ... Read On
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Photo sharing is easier than ever
Take advantage of the Web to share photos with relatives across the country and the world, or just across the street. You have several options for this, ranging from free to pricey. Free services accomplish the basics of enabling people to share stories and photos, but they don't offer the ... Read On
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Hard conversations can be helpful if done right
There are times when it's necessary to confront someone, demanding a change or ending a relationship. People do almost anything to avoid difficult talks, even to their detriment. It is possible to have difficult conversations without hurting people, says Bruce Patton of the Harvard Negotiation ... Read On
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Experts: Kids who rule the roost might not become well-adjusted adults
Many kids today know they can govern family activities and decisions. Not getting what they want is unfamiliar to them. The power to control is given to kids by parents with good intentions, but studies show that their children are likely to become self-centered, unpleasant adults who may be ... Read On
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Low-carb eating without the hassle
If you're interested in cutting back on carbohydrates without following a book or a strict diet, you can. Molly Kimbal, a nutritionist with the Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans, says eliminating some highly processed foods is an easy way to reduce carbohydrates in your diet and cut calories. ... Read On
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Fire Protection
Fire protection on the job Fires are costly. Each year they take many lives, cause workers and their families to suffer, and cost many millions of dollars in damage. Fire control is everybody's business. You can do your part by observing and complying with fire prevention rules. If you ... Read On
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When to make extra mortgage payments
Many people routinely add $100 or $200 to their mortgage payment each month. It's a good feeling to know they are closer to paying off their home or apartment. For some of them, however, it may not be the best move, financially speaking. Those whose mortgage interest is tax-deductible, should ... Read On
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