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Moving Maneuvers: Making A Smooth Transition From One Place To The Next
The thought of moving, and the notion of a new place can be extremely exciting, that is until the time for the actual move, actually arrives. In fact, moving can become stressful, time consuming and overwhelming. But, experts suggest that proper planning you can save time and money and have even ... Read On
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Talk The Talk: Rating The Nokia N95
My husband was NOT necessarily a gadget person when I first met him. Not that he didn’t like them, just that he found them a bit too pricey rather than practical and so, he really didn’t own too many. Fast forward to his current world of cell phone, conference calls and digi-cam, he’s becoming a ... Read On
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Water Worries: How Safe Is Your Drinking Water?
I happen to be one of those people, in fact always have been, that “forces” myself to drink at minimum eight glasses, if not more a day. And, I’m known to ALWAYS have a bottle of water in my car. Yet, while I “think” I’m doing my body and health justice, some new concerns about bottled water ... Read On
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We’ve Got Your Number: Handling A Phone Interview
No matter how long we’ve been out of the job market and eager to get back in, or how much we need to move on from our current career to another one, and regardless of our extensive experience, applying for a job can be “overwhelming’. In fact, it can be downright intimidating. And, it’s generally ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Money & Careers
School’s Out For Summer: Some Very “Campy” Ideas
I can’t say that compared to many children in the world, or even as compared to my parents and grandparents that I grew up “poor” or “deprived”. However, being a child of much simpler times (when a Levitt home was considered more than enough for a family of four), perhaps partially because of ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Family Life & Parenting
The Buck Stops Here: Getting Through A Financial Crisis
When you think of newlyweds, most of us think of a time in any couple’s life where the two continue to explore their very special bond and union and bask in the love, intimacy, and romance that the two share. It’s also a time, when for most, especially young couples, when the two, experience, ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Relationship
Random Acts Of Kindness: It’s The Thought That Counts
So, with, every room decorated, gifts that take about an hour and a half (each) to wrap, and each gift containing about two or three items (for instance: coat, plus scarf, hat, gloves, and maybe a chapstick and matching purse for good measure) my dear husband thought that Christmas was the “only” ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Development
Sin-Sational Style: Some Traditional Taboos To Avoid
It happens to the best of us. Even the most fashion savvy femmes can falter in their fashion-appeal when life and motherhood take the front seat to our daily routine. Let’s face it, it’s just as easy to run out of the house in our comfort clothes as it is to try to pull ourselves together, only ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Health, Fitness & Beauty
Workers Behaving “Badly”: Polishing Your Professional Etiquette (LIF: Money and Career
My dh is always commenting on all the “rules” and “regulations” I “impose” on us when it comes to social etiquette and graces. And, when it comes to socializing most of have a grasp of what is expected and how to act, at least out in public. But, when it comes to the workplace, professionals ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Money & Careers
Fur-ocious Pets: Dealing With Excess Pet Fur
While I’ve grown to love most things about my husband’s cat, there is one thing I doubt I’ll ever get use to. It’s her hair, literally everywhere and virtually impossible to keep up with. As much as I vacuum, and I vacuum A LOT, it simply seems that her hair is always in the air, even in places ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Pets
Wide Eyed and Bushy Tailed: When Children No Longer Need An Afternoon Nap
While an active child is generally the sign of a healthy child, parents often look forward to that special time of day where THEY can put the baby down (for a nap) and get some much-needed “downtime”. But, just when most moms and dads get comfortable with the idea of some midday shut-eye, maybe ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Family Life & Parenting
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