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How Low Can You Go: Lowering Your Toxicity During Pregnancy
Everyone will tell you that having children is expensive. From the furnishing, formula, and need for increasing finances to facilitate a comfortable lifestyle for them as they grow, you can expect your expenditures to easily increase. But, according to experts, pregnancy, in and of itself is a ... Read On
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Relationship Rescue : Managing Marriage And Common Arguements
Everyone expects life to change after the wedding, but many of us don’t know exactly how. In fact, most of us likely anticipated pre-“I do”, that life would continue “normally” only now there would be two of you. Well, that’s not exactly how it works out. In fact, both parties find they have to ... Read On
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Space Invaders: Beating A Common Household Phenomenon
It seems everyone these days wants to start out with or upgrade to a huge McMansion. Granted they are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, but most of us grew up in Levitt capes and turned out just fine. And, with families, much larger than many of us are having now. But, the added space and luxury could make ... Read On
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Enrich Your Life: Simple Ways To Invest In Your Future
We’d all like to earn more money or win the lottery, but most of us either don’t vie for higher paying jobs of don’t play Lotto. Plus, would we be able to hold on to all that money if we had it. Let’s face it most of us would “invest” in all those things we’ve depriving ourselves and our families ... Read On
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Age Erasers: Tapping Into The Fountain Of Youth
While many may remain leery of anything “new age” or spiritual such as meditation or yoga, if you separate the “spirituality” from the concept, these techniques offer many beautiful benefits. As we all mature and take on more and more responsibility, we may find stress taking a greater toll than ... Read On
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Exposing The Truth: Is Ultrasound Exposure Safe For You And Your Baby?
The excitement of finding out you’re expecting often “pales” in comparison to “seeing” you child for the first time via modern technology. Gone are the fuzzy photos of years past, only to be replaced by high-tech 3-D pictures, that many (professionals) suggest has taken the focus off the ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Safety
Mommy and Me: The Changing Face Of Quality Time
Maybe I’m just “old-fashioned” but some of the fondest memories I’ve had with my family/mom revolved around bonding time. I can remember going out to breakfast (at a diner) Saturday or Sunday morning, watching some of what are now considered classics on TV, sitting across the couch from each other ... Read On
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Beating The Odds: Increasing Your Chances Of Getting The Job You Want
Most of us go to school, train, do internships and even try to work our way up from the bottom to land the job of our dreams. And, according to statistics, most of us will change not only jobs, but careers an average of seven times before we land the perfect position for us. But, in the ... Read On
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Running On Empty: Refueling For The Winter
Okay, I was okay up until the cold weather hit; not a big fan. In fact, the only “positive” is that the winter can be beautiful (if you don’t have to leave your home) and that by the time it actually arrived this year, the days had begun getting slightly longer. Still, the chill in the air ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Development
Come Sale Away: Making Sure Your House Sells
We all want the perfect home, but more frequently than not the ideal abode, comes with a less than ideal price tag. Still, somehow the housing market continues to flourish and according to the experts, it’s because the pros know more about appealing to our senses and selling than we do. In ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Home & Lifestyle
Famous Figures: Shaping Up Hollywood Style
Even with the latest “retaliation” or “too skinny” models, the media “frenzy” still “glamorizes” the “perfect” body. And, nobody better epitomizes than (most of) our Hollywood favorites. But, although it remains true that, like most of us, they don’t spend endless hours sitting at a desk or ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Health, Fitness & Beauty
Oils Of Ovey: Potential Dangers Of Essential Oils
Women are often encouraged to unwind by treating themselves to the pleasures of pampering they experienced prior to a lifestyle full of stress and obligations. And, even those that don’t have the time or money are encourages to give themselves the spa treatment at home. And, among the most ... Read On
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