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Comfy Accents: Boudoir Designs To Fit Your Life
If you’ve ever watched MTV Cribs, you know that the boudoir is frequently referred to as the room where “the magic happens”. And, the reality is the most of us spend at least one third of our life in bed, making it one of the most important rooms in our house, for rest, relaxation, our health, and ... Read On
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Free and Clear: Cleaning Up Your Environment And Your Lifestyle
As I drove home from work the other day, grumbling about the amount of garbage along the L.I.E (and its service road), I waxed (and waned) poetic about days gone by when Long Island was a much cleaner and fresher environment to live in; days when you could smell fresh cut grass and cow manure ... Read On
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Tipped-Off: Tips On Dining Dynamics
My disposition was never one that allowed me to take orders (though I’ve REALLY mellowed over time and actually revel in having a giving and serving spirit, well, as long as the requests aren’t too unreasonable), but I did go out with a guy, who in our early efforts to get life on its way, worked ... Read On
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Wish List: The Art Of Getting What You Want
There are lots of things we want in life, but we don’t always get them. And, it’s likely, that like most, we put the blame on someone else. Still, according to experts, the reason or reasons we often don’t get what we want is, at least partially up to us. Here are just some situations where ... Read On
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Beauty Blunders: Which Ones You Should Avoid
As women we likely go to great lengths to ensure we feel great by looking great. But, now it seems some of the things that make us look and feel sexiest may be damaging to us, and our overall appearance. · Fragrant tresses: Spritzing perfume into your lavish locks may seem like the ideal way ... Read On
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Sexy Menu: Foods To Put You In “The Mood”
If you’re like many of the couples I know, while you “may” look forward to a special day specifically set aside you that your and your beloved make sure you let each other know just how you feel, you “may not” understand why love and romance has been relegated to one day or one month. Then ... Read On
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Prepping For Pregnancy: What You Need To Know About Fertility
It seems that couples, once, and not too long ago, as early as the 80s and 90s in fact, who waited a little longer to settle down, are becoming more and more comfortable with marrying younger. And, while time “is” on their side, many are also opting to start their families younger too. Yet, while ... Read On
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Sitter Solutions: Strategies For Letting Your Babysitter Go
Finding a trustworthy babysitter can be quite the challenge, and perhaps that’s why many mommies and daddies are reluctant to let go of someone, who, for one reason or another may not be completely working out. On the other hand, this uncomfortable scenario may be avoided altogether by following ... Read On
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The Right Touch: Romance And Relaxation At Your Fingertips
When it comes to unwinding, most of us have forgotten this basic art. In fact, relaxing often means occupying our bodies and minds with some other form of “busy work”, even if it’s just reading, watching television or “zoning out” on the computer. But, honestly and literally speaking that not ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Relationship
Juicy Couture: Exotic Beverages That Are Good For You
They say an apple a day helps keep the doctor away. And, now it seems that some fruit juices may help do the same. In fact, recent research reveals a glass of pure juice can give you a very necessary serving of fresh fruit and help guard against disease, combating polyphenols and guarding against ... Read On
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Meds And Pregnancy: Is What You're Taking Harming Your Baby
It seems like each generation, even in all its progressive splendor, has more perks and more stress than the generation before. And, now with a world, not just a City that never sleeps, it seems that even the most peaceful of people are plagued by anxiety, depression, and lots of other ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Pregnancy
The Buddy System: The Five Friendships You Should Be Encouraging
Having a satisfying social circle is something, it seems, we are all hardwired to NEED. That’s right, according to experts, it not “just” a want, but rather, a need, and one that can help keep us happy and healthy emotionally and physically. And, that’s why building bonds and learning how to do it ... Read On
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