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Truckers and Yuppies love that Wi-Fi
What do a button-down satellite salesman and a long-haul trucker have in common? Why, it's Wi-Fi, of course. Wireless Fidelity lets computer users share a high-speed Internet connection anywhere there is a "hot spot." That means it doesn't matter whether you are driving New York to LA in an ... Read On
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Enrich your life by 'giving yourself away'
Have you noticed how good you feel after being kind to someone? If more people were kind more often, our cities and workplaces would be better for all. In his book, Try Giving Yourself Away (Updegraff PR, soft cover, $3.50), David Dunn tells of noticing a sharp metal hoop lying in the road. ... Read On
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Get Fluffy or Spot to show you what he wants
Your pet is nagging you, but you don't know what he wants. Why not just ask? Liz Palika, author of The New Age Dog (Renaissance) says that with a small amount of training, you will be able to find the answer. Say "Show me" to your pet, then walk toward him and keep saying "Show me." Stop ... Read On
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Some kids are 'tripping' on cough medicine
Kids as young as age 10 have discovered that gulping down cough medicine can give them a high similar to PCP or heroin, inducing intoxication, visions, and hallucinations. It's the dextromethorphan (DXM) in cough suppressants that does it. Medicines with DXM include Robitussin, Coricidin HBP ... Read On
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Scientists say ignore fads, just eat better, exercise
There's the Atkins diet, the Southbeach, the low-calorie, the low-fat, the grapefruit, and many others. How is a person to choose, and how can you keep track of all the numbers once you do? A federal panel of food scientists say you shouldn't have to. Most diets fail because people can't ... Read On
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More athletes sidelined with overuse injuries
Doctors at the sports medicine clinic of Children's Hospital in Boston say many young athletes hobble in daily. The cause: playing too hard, too often. Swimmers have sore shoulders. Tennis players clutch their backs. Soccer players have leg pains. They have overuse injuries, a rising health crisis ... Read On
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Everybody lifts! Heed that good old advice
Stock people lift cartons. Office workers often pick up computers and hard drives. Production workers lift heavy parts or boxes of parts. And it doesn't stop there. People lift boxes and containers when they check out at a home improvement store, and there's no end to things that are lifted around ... Read On
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Timeshares are back Sales of timeshares are booming. In a timeshare, you buy a condo to use for a week or two a year. You pay an up-front fee and maintenance charge. Bill Rogers of Timeshare User's Group ( says these are some things to consider: * Don't buy new. They are priced ... Read On
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ARM? Interest only? Conventional? Which mortgage would be best for you?
Interest-only Mortgage: Many home buyers are opting for mortgages with interest-only payments so they can afford to buy a more expensive home. They have lower monthly payments for five, 10, or 15 years, which makes qualifying easier. They could work if you: * Need more home than you can ... Read On
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Selecting the right type of HDTV screen
There are three types of high-definition television sets for the home: cathode ray tubes (CRTs), plasma, and liquid-crystal displays (LCDs). Flat screen sets are usually 6 inches thick or less. They are what most people envision when they think of HDTV. * CRTs are the best of any ... Read On
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Items on the Homefront
Kids and TV: Good and bad news Watching educational programs for preschoolers, like "Blues Clues" and "Sesame Street," can improve a child's reading or problem-solving skills compared with kids who never watch the shows: good news. Now the bad news: Studies reported in Pediatrics link TV ... Read On
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How to soundproof a room for privacy
If you are experiencing sound transfer from one bedroom to another, or from the family room to a bedroom, it's time to consider soundproofing. The soundproof characteristics of a wall are rated by sound transmission class (STC). Normal conversation will be heard and understood through a STC-25 ... Read On
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