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Clean and Green: Get Your Home Sparkling Safely
A self-professed “neat freak”, one of my favourite pastimes, though I’m rarely there, is cleaning and decorating my home. And, while cleanliness may be close to Godliness, it can also be hellacious on your health, especially if you’re using cleaning products that contain “contaminants”, and that’s ... Read On
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Job Security: How To Hold On To Your Paycheck
While we all “joke” about being “independently wealthy” and not needing to work, the truth is, especially now, most of us REALLY “do” need our jobs. But, it’s also a time when for most keeping their job seems like a “risky proposition”. Still, there are ways, according to experts that you can ... Read On
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Bubble Bath Blues: How Safe Are Your Child’s Bath Products…You May Be Surprised
Just the other day I was discussing with a new mom, how much she enjoys coddling her newborn and kissing him, especially when he smells and “is” squeaky clean. But, there is a “catch”, recent research reveals that many baby bath products are actually endangering you child’s health. In fact, studies ... Read On
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New And Improved: Out With The Old, In With The New Can Be Good For You
If you’re like me, you eagerly grab your first couple ounces of personality and enthusiasm first thing in the morning, again in the afternoon, and if you’ve go a “late” night, perhaps a smaller cup in the early evening. In fact, I honestly believe, though I’ve cut back significantly, I have and ... Read On
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Cool Undertones: How To Stay Calm, Cool And Collected When Life Tries Your Patience
We may in fact, at least according to experts, be “the” most stressed generation they can remember. And, much of it, they say we bring on ourselves. And, while there is much we can do little to control, there are areas that we can control and that includes our responses to our stresses, including ... Read On
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Hot and Spicy: How To Store Household Spices
Besides really enjoying the “art” of cooking, I’m a big fan of at home entertaining with homemade meals (though I’m not necessarily so big on the cleanup), and foods from all over the world made with lots of different and exotic flavours and spices. In fact, when dh and I went to Disney, we were ... Read On
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Now You’re Cooking: The Calorie “Conspiracy”
I was recently watching one of my news programs and the topic at hand was how people, were/are coping with a “chaotic” economy. Well, many people are still doing what they’ve always done, like eating out, only less often and in much more moderation. And, some suggested that they are moving their ... Read On
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Delicious Lessons: Home Schooling Kids In Nutrition
We all know how difficult it is to kick bad habits or start good ones. And, that’s why its’ important to implement healthy habits as soon as possible. When it comes to kids, health and nutrition, as well as fitness (since they are usually always hungry and looking for fun things to do) are ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Family Life & Parenting
Fabulously Frugal: The Art Of Pinching Pennies
Most young kids and perhaps even young kids think compromising means having to share a room, their “toys”, or a computer. But, there are many of us who remember parents waiting on LONG gas lines, walking to the stores, clipping coupons, and even having “food stamps” from A& P. Well, besides giving ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Money & Careers
Taking Back Control: Controlling Uncontrollable Tweens And Teeens
When people “sign up” (as my husband puts it) for parenting, they think about all the joy of tending to a cute and cuddly newborn, but they rarely, if ever think about the future and how they are going to deal with a “wild” and “unruly” tween or teen. Regardless of family values, morals, ... Read On
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Get A Head Start: Sexy Hair Don’ts
Women have lots of sexy features, and the mane is among the main ones. In fact, whether your man like short or long locks, hair can either be a turn on or turn off. And, we all know what a bad hair day can do for our image and our ego. And, whether you’re like me, whose not very handy with a ... Read On
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Loose Your Morning Snooze: A Breakfast That Gives You A Boost
Most of us, including us “morning people” can tend to feel a little sluggish in the a.m. And, most of us look to our steaming cupping of Joe to give us the jolt we need to get our day under way. In fact, it’s likely that most of us also grab our morning meal, such as a doughnut (to go with our ... Read On
Filed under LIFamilies Articles » Health, Fitness & Beauty
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