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Pet-Smart: Choosing A Vet For Your Pet
You’ve made the decision to add to your family and now that the “adoptions” is complete, the reality that you’ll have to take care of your new family member for the rest of both your lives is beginning to set in. Let’s fact it, besides being “cute” you want your “baby” to be healthy. And that means ... Read On
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Easy Come, Easy Go: Weight loss Made Easy
Though I can’t remember EVER being one of these people, I have friends who claim that during their growing years, teen years and/or including their young adult years they were able eat anything without gaining a pound. But, with time, responsibility and a more sedentary lifestyle even for them ... Read On
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All In The Family: Solving In-Law Issues And Staying Happily Married
When we fall in love, it’s usually with the person and not necessarily their immediate friends and family. Still, once we say “I do”, it’s pretty much to the whole package and not just to the individual. And, for many that can mean post wedding strife and stress, especially with the ... Read On
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A Sweet Makeover For More Delicious Experiences
Home may very well be where the heart is, but for many the heart of the home is in the kitchen. In fact, traditionally speaking, it’s the kitchen that brings back memories of warmth, bonding and family gatherings. Still, for many the kitchen is nothing more than central port of clutter where ... Read On
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Change Of Heart: Changing Your Views About Sexy Holiday Sentiments
The holidays are almost here and despite the fact that one particular item is more a gift for the guys than it is for their gals, lots of “lucky” ladies will be getting at lease one. I’m talking about holiday lingerie, which means lots more than just exchanging glances or a few kisses under the ... Read On
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Festive Fashions: Tis The Season For Stepping Up Your Style
While I “do” tend to be EXTREMELY particular, I would not likely be classified, at least by most, as a high maintenance woman. In fact, I could probably spend a bit more time taking better care of myself. Still when we met another couple for a celebratory dinner at a jazz and supper club only to ... Read On
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Guest Relations: How To Party Properly This Holiday Season
I recently attended a party that I presume will kick off the festivities for the season. Sure it was a child’s birthday party, but it was the first of, as I look at my calendar, an extensive array of affairs DH and I are eagerly looking forward to hosting and attending. And, while I’m always ... Read On
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There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays: The Etiquette For The Home Office Party
With the corner of my eye, I recently caught a headline that implied that the days of the evening Christmas/Holiday party were in the past. And, believe it or not, the new trend is home entertainment for both colleagues and bosses. Still, for many, entertaining friends and family can be ... Read On
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Holiday Trim: Staying Slim Throughout This Festive Season
You’ve worked hard and worked out even harder to look bikini “hot” over the summer, but now that fall is here you may be falling back on a few of your old habits. And, with all those decadently delicious holidays on the way, counting our blessings may be on our list, but counting our calories is ... Read On
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Moody Foods: Eating According To Season
Even though I can boast many a late night clubbing back in my college days, I was NEVER much of a night-owl. In fact, ironically enough while everyone else was winding down from our late nights out on the town, I would start to wind back up just as the sun made its reappearance, often over ... Read On
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Nice And Toasty: Cool Ideas For Reducing Your Winter Heating Bill
The weather outside may not be frightful just yet, but if you don’t prepare for the elements, say experts, you’re energy bill may be downright scary. According to experts if you take into consideration all the “holes” in your home, that allow air in, it may be equivalent to having a window open ... Read On
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Twofers: Speaking A Second Language
Most children from my generation grew up speaking or at least understanding at minimum two languages. And, as teens most of us were required to study another language, much of which stayed with us at least until early adulthood. In fact, experts suggest that in years gone by, it was not unusual ... Read On
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