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The Buck Stops Here: Getting Through A Financial Crisis
When you think of newlyweds, most of us think of a time in any couple’s life where the two continue to explore their very special bond and union and bask in the love, intimacy, and romance that the two share. It’s also a time, when for most, especially young couples, when the two, experience, ... Read On
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Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go: The Power Of Forgiveness
I constantly hear couples joke about arguing just so they can make up. And, you know what they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And, apparently some very sexy couples are turning up the heat in the boudoir. Personally, I simply don’t get it. While I’m not necessarily big on harboring ... Read On
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What Are You Really Saying: Deciphering His Signs And Signals
We all wish we could understand our mate a little better. Okay, for some perhaps a lot better. And, according to experts, while we may not be able to read our man’s mind and figure him out, we “can” read his body language and gauge what he’s thinking. 1. He reclines in his chair during what you ... Read On
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Played Out: Dealing With A Man Who’s Into March Madness
There are those women who are football “widows”, hockey “widow” and now just in time for the warmer weather when you’d rather be enjoying your time outside, those wonderful wives who are relegated to becoming sports “widows’ during March Madness. And, while many women may look forward to some ... Read On
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Public Notice: The Rules For Canoodling
Public Notice: The Rules For Canoodling With all the talk about the stars and who they’re canoodling with, many of us may be inclined to keep up with, if not the Joneses, the Jolie-Pitts. But, while canoodling and public displays of affection can be exciting to read about, and may even offer ... Read On
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And Then There Were None: Diplomatic Dealings With DH’s Crowd
I’ve always been, with the exception of a few years between my teens and early 20s pretty picky about the guys I dated. After all they’d have to at least be, if not marriage material, someone I could introduce comfortably to mom, family, and my very picky entourage of friends. In high school, I ... Read On
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Show Time: Why Men Crave An Action-Packed Relationship
Most women spend more time rolling their eyes at their men than they do making eyes at them. Yet, marriage seems to be a goal for most ladies, and many marriages seem to work. In fact, according to experts many ladies are happily married and both they, and those in serious relationships are happier ... Read On
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Relationship Rescue : Managing Marriage And Common Arguements
Everyone expects life to change after the wedding, but many of us don’t know exactly how. In fact, most of us likely anticipated pre-“I do”, that life would continue “normally” only now there would be two of you. Well, that’s not exactly how it works out. In fact, both parties find they have to ... Read On
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X-Pectations: Understanding The Female Mind
As long as there have been men and women, there have been differences between them. And, from “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” to “The Truth About Cats and Dogs” there has been plenty presented to support the theory that we are as uniquely different as night and day. And, according to ... Read On
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Cracking The Penal Code: What Men Really Think
With all the effort we ladies put into everything, including the though behind it, I am often amazed that most of what I find important, my guy friends and my husband often find trivial. In fact, while we get alone, and can reach a comfortable “compromise” or “consensus” its rare, that we ... Read On
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Blue Collar Brides: The Modern Day Odd Couple
When we think of the term “odd couple”, some of us think of Jack Klugman and Tony Randall. And some of us may think of our current living situation with a mate who is not quite as tidy as us. Then there was the concept of older men and younger women and recently the reverse of older women with ... Read On
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A Mom’s Life: How NOT To Become A Member Of The Parent Trap
It’s simply a fact of life that life changes. Let’s face it, even as far back as high school, the “click” you were accepted into and hung out with often reflected not only your own academic and personal mores, but also your social status and accomplishments. And, people who were dating often hung ... Read On
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