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Relating To His Relatives: How To Handle Hard-To-Handle In-Laws And Family
Ever wonder how the man you love ever got to be part of a family you just can’t get along with and simply don’t understand? Well, ladies, you are not alone. Most brides (brides-to-be) ponder how their beloved ever became part of his brood. In fact, most wonder how “he” turned out so normal in such ... Read On
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Men Of The Year: Why They Are Getting Better All The Time
One of the biggest dreams every little girl has is to grow up, meet her “Prince Charming” get married and start a family of her own. And, every girl dreams of her fairytale wedding. But, for many, by the time they are young women past the raging (adolescent) passion, infatuation, and hormones, ... Read On
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Couples Behaving Badly: How “Bad” Behaviour Can Be A Good Thing
In our relationships there are no doubt certain “deal breakers” that can seal the fate of our liaisons and unions. Among these, lying, flirting (with someone else), and fighting. Still, some experts assert that even these negatives can be turned into positives, and in fact, may even be good for ... Read On
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Strong Holds: Strengthening Your Relationships
We all want healthy and rewarding relationships, and we’ve all heard about the importance of forging them. Not only are strong bonds good for us emotionally but, they are also good for us physically. And, that includes friendships too. And, part of every good (or “bad”) relationship is a ... Read On
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Charmed I’m Sure: The Art Of Eliciting A Positive Response
Most of us want, maybe even expect to get our way, but most of us found out (likely the hard way) that in the Real World, that’s simply not possible, at least not all the time. Yet, experts suggest that we can increase the probability of “winning”, not by whining, but rather by honing in on the ... Read On
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Troubled Waters: Challenges Every Couples Faces And What To Do
You’ve dated and/or known each other for years, or like many couples met when you were a bit “older” and felt you were a good enough judge of character and didn’t have to. Regardless, you finally tied the knot, or are just about to, and are NOW having second thoughts. In fact, you may look at ... Read On
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Are We Having Fun Yet: Why Couples “Lose” Their “Desire”
It’s a topic that ranged from taboo, to a subject that apparently is on most everybody’s mind, and according to experts, at the core of most successful marriages/relationship. We’ve talking about sex and intimacy, and professionals point out that sex is not a “four-letter” word anymore. In ... Read On
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Forever And For Always: Vowing To Make Your Vows Work
Everyone wants to say “I Do” but that means also saying “I Do” to making it work and last…and often times working hard at it. But, like anything, it’s a matter of working smart, not necessarily hard, and avoiding the three major mistakes most marrieds make. 1. Substituting WE for ME: There is ... Read On
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The Queen Of The Castle: Treating Your Woman Right
There are a few things that most people want and that is love and appreciation. And, women, whether they are out in the work force or stay-at-home spouses and moms are no different. And, according to experts, it’s that lack of respect that women long and yearn for, and the need to be made to ... Read On
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Man-Made: Tailoring Your Love For A Successful Relationship
Whether we are looking to find a good, rewarding, solid, and secure relationship, or are actually in one, there is often a fine line between what we want, what we think we want and what is really and actually best for us and what we need. In fact, lack of respect and appreciation is a key ... Read On
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And The Wall Came Tumbling Down: The Rise And Fall Of Marriage In The World
In a recent interview with Kate Hudson, before her split, the daughter of a women with one of the longest standing and happy relationships in Hollywood, noted that while she hoped that her marriage to Chris Robinson lasted indefinitely, one could just never be sure. And it’s not just Tinsle Town ... Read On
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We Hear You Knocking, But You Can’t Come In: Fitting In Family, Friends, And Alone Time
The one thing about starting a serious relationship in my young adulthood is that while you were busy “playing house” (yes, even as a married couples, generally not yet homeowners nor parents), you were also often busy “playing” as friends and family remained (at least initially) eager to do ... Read On
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