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Credit Crunch: How Do You And Your Mate Score?
One of the many perks of getting married is sharing life with someone and that includes the expenses. And, that also means keeping your mate in the loop about how you are going to spend your loot, including items you purchase on credit. And, while most would advise that paying in cash is ... Read On
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The Scoop On Short Sales
When it comes to finding the right home, we all know that it’s about “location, location, location”. But along with ideal location, often comes a less ideal price tag and perhaps long negotiations and a long, drawn out waiting (and saving) process before you can move into the house of your ... Read On
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Homeward Bound: Bargain Hunting Basics For Buying A Home
It’s everyone’s dream to own their own home, and preferably the home of their dreams; at an asking price that’s not a nightmare. Still, even a bargain-hunter’s delight may come at a price, often an invisible but hefty price to be paid well after closing. Experts suggest that if a home seems to be ... Read On
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Lifelong Commitments: A Closer Look At Life Insurance
Most of us have car insurance, health insurance and some even homeowners insurance. But, when it comes to life insurance, many of us would rather not think about it, which means we just might be inclined to put it off. Yet, experts suggest that there’s really nothing to be put off about, and that ... Read On
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Fund Facts: Key Words and Tricky Phrases To Help You Bank For Your Future
Now that you’ve invested in your future, or are about to, no only will you need to learn some of the key words and tricky phrases necessary for securing your marital future, but also those necessary for securing your financial future. Here are a few budgeting and banking basics: · ... Read On
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Financial Finesse: >Learning To Think Like A Savvy Saver
In a society that promotes a variety of individual freedoms, very few things in life are actually free. In fact, our economic freedoms that provide us with capital gains are the most notorious culprit behind our self imposed capital punishment as we individually and collaboratively dig ourselves ... Read On
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Borrowing Basics: Questions To Ask Before You Take Out A Loan
Money is something we all think about or need to borrow at one point or another. Whether you want to buy a home, a car, make some home improvements or invest in your child’s education, borrowing money requires some financial savvy. Here are some suggestions of things to consider. 1. Is There An ... Read On
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Buy Lines: A Closer Look At Mortgage Options For Buying Or Refinancing A Home
In the market for a home or the opportunity to refinance? Experts say there are more choices now than ever before, including the option of paying off the interest and postponing paying off the principal for several years. Financial experts however note that although this “enviable” option is ... Read On
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Home “Security” System: Deciding On The Right Insurance To Protect Your Investment
Outside of your education, purchasing a home is probably the largest investment you’ve ever embarked on. You are bound to want to protect your investment and one of the easiest ways to do it is by making yet another investment in home insurance, In fact, experts note that most home buyers purchase ... Read On
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Common Cents: Tips On Budgeting And Saving
You want the good life, but you can’t afford it, despite all those straight A’s and years of collegiate education. You’re also thinking that you’ve deprived yourself enough. No matter where you are in life, you can’t help but think of all those times you sacrificed in hopes of attaining something ... Read On
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Getting Married
Couples who plan on spending their lives together should have a financial plan that they both agree upon and understand. You should spend some time together discussing how you each use and view money and what your financial goals are. If you don’t acknowledge and discuss any money issues you ... Read On
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Banking on Love: Smart Investments For A Happily Ever After
Ask anyone you know and they’ll tell you that even with all the fun and excitement, planning for your big day, can sometimes be draining, especially on your bank account. In addition to making your “Big Day” a priority, you should also make your future a priority and start thinking about how to get ... Read On
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