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I’m In The Mood For Love: Monitoring Your Various Love Moods For A Successful Marriage
You’re up, you’re down, you’re happy, you’re sad and the list of “extreme” emotions continues. No, it’s not that you are “unstable”, but rather that your in a relationship and falling or already in love. Still, making your relationship work and last means understanding its nature and the many ... Read On
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The Peace Movement: Keeping The Peace In Your Home And Relationship
Once you’re married, even if you marry “the love of your life”, there will “always” be “conflict” in your home. Well, at least if you allow it by entertaining your differences. According to expert, most of us, as similar as we may be have different approaches to life and doing things, and it ... Read On
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Money Can’t Buy Me Love: But, Which One Can Buy You Health and Happiness?
There are those who espouse the philosophy that money will get you’re the girl (preferably the hottest girl of your preference) and therefore buy you happiness. Still, when it comes to happiness, at least when it comes to matters of the heart, and other more erogenous areas, experts suggest that ... Read On
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Whispered Words Of Wisdom: Motherly Advice On Modern Marriage
We’ve all either been part of or know of someone who’s experienced a romance that was, well, less than romantic. And, some may even be wondering (at least from time to time) what happened to the passion and pleasure in their relationship. Well, just in time for mother’s day, some experts say we can ... Read On
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Hot-cha-cha:/u> Getting Ready For Date Night
Remember the days of living home and working part-time or not at all while going to school and having all the time in the world to prep for a big date and/or a big night out on the town. Well, it’s likely that now things are quite different, with most of us barely having enough time to comb our ... Read On
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Sign Of The Times: How Signing On The Dotted Line Can Save A Marriage
Despite the fact that “miraculously” somehow our grandparents and their predecessors often made marriage a lifetime commitment, today, regardless of our fancy fetes and grand getaways, many of us are left feeling that the ideal “get away” would be to get away from our mate. So, with getting out ... Read On
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Mind Games: Understanding What’s On Your Woman’s Mind
There are little (subtle) things women, especially as they get older, get better at “hiding” from men, but things we “desperately” want, or should I say “expect” you to know. · Scared to say “yes”: Women “do” (very much so) want to find Mr. Right and “settle down”. But, they also want to work ... Read On
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Decoding PMS: Overcoming Post Marital Syndrome
It’s not unusual for couples to experience PMS, post marital syndrome once the party is over and they realize “the party is over”. And, while even experts attest to getting wrapped up in the romance of it all, say that successful marriages learn from before the “I Dos” how to separate fantasy from ... Read On
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Kissy Face: The Semantics Of “Kissing And Making Up”
Somewhere along the line someone came up with the notion of “kissing and making up”. In fact, some couplehood conneiseur contrived the concept of “fighting” in order to “make up” and we all know what that means. Still, I don’t know about you, but when personalities clash, tempers flare, and ... Read On
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The Dating Game: How Dating Your Mate Can Help Save Your Marriage
I don’t know, maybe it’s a new trend, but most women today seem to have less and less and less time for themselves and for some serious fun and romance. In fact, I’ve repeatedly seen ladies sabotage their chances for love by opting to fill their schedules with other (often less pressing) activities ... Read On
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Twice As Nice: Giving Your Loved One A Second Chance
Marriage, it’s a commitment “for better or worse”, and sometimes depending on how YOU define worse, life may seem better off without him or her. Still, you “did” pledge your love forever and you probably, despite the fact you didn’t want to listen, were told that marriage means lots of compromises ... Read On
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All In The Family: Solving In-Law Issues And Staying Happily Married
When we fall in love, it’s usually with the person and not necessarily their immediate friends and family. Still, once we say “I do”, it’s pretty much to the whole package and not just to the individual. And, for many that can mean post wedding strife and stress, especially with the ... Read On
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