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Show Time: Why Men Crave An Action-Packed Relationship

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By Mia Bolaris-Forget

Most women spend more time rolling their eyes at their men than they do making eyes at them. Yet, marriage seems to be a goal for most ladies, and many marriages seem to work. In fact, according to experts many ladies are happily married and both they, and those in serious relationships are happier than single gals.

And, experts suggest you’re guy may need a little (love) reminder from time to time. Here are just some gifts of the heart.

1. Time To Unwind: It seems that most ladies can jump out of bed and jump into “the day”. And, they don’t stop until it’s time to go to bed. Believe it or not, experts suggest that while the guys may want to keep up with us, they are simply not wired that way. In fact, they NEED some downtime before getting started or transitioning from work to home.

Show him you love him, by giving him the cushion the cushion and extra time he needs, but explain to him that you can’t (due to all the relevant responsibilities) indulge it every night. Then ask for his input as to how to work around what YOU want and HE needs.

2. Give Him Your Time And Attention: Sure you need to get a million and one things done before the next day, and now may not be the best time for him to want you to stop and smell the roses or listen to how his day went, but that’s precisely what you should do, especially if he asks. And, if you’re really pressed for time après work, consider calling each other on your cell during your drive home.

3. Give Him His Space: Regardless of how professional he is from 9 to 5 and how much he enjoys YOUR undivided attention (see above) boys will be boys, and they’ll want to drink beer, talk about girls and have belching contests. And, it’s likely you want ZERO part of that. So, it’s imperative you give him his space and his time away, with the guys, at least the ones you trust and like.

Depending on your household situation and your obligations, you can decide on a schedule a routine that works well for both of you. Plus, his time away will give you some added downtime to do your own thing or catch up with the gals.
And, in some instances, absence “will” make the heart grow fonder.

4. Act Without Being Asked: You already know what your man likes, or you should, so why not meet his “needs”. For instance if your man likes dessert once a week, make it a Friday evening ritual to surprise him with something decadently rich and sweet. Or make sure you rarely if ever run out of his favorite beer. You may even want to pour it for him so he can enjoy it with dinner. And, a home-cooked meal is always among the ideal ways to a man’s heart.

5. Stroke His Ego: The “stronger’ gender, men are actually weaker when it comes to ego. A woman will know when she’s doing her best and when her man, family or friends should be appreciative, but a man needs to be (constantly) reminded or he’ll be left wondering. However, you don’t want to give praise that’s insincere. But, you do want to be complimentary and consistent. So, keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to remind him what a great job his is doing or did and how wonderfully masculine you think he is.

6. Stop Babying Him: Taking good care of your man and babying him are frequently confused concepts. Sure you can make sure your pack his lunch so he has something healthy to eat, lay out his clothes so he looks his best, even remind him to limit his alcohol intake, especially if you plan on getting in the car with him, but you should know your limits. Refrain from mothering him (or he’ll act like a child) and don’t push him to want something he doesn’t or push yourself into his (other) relationships. He may respect, even agree with your opinion, but may not be ready to tackle the situation. Or he may just have to learn from his own mistakes. Give him the time and room to handle things in his own due time (then don’t forget to praise him). However, if he has serious issues and you’ve confronted him, then the onus is on you to decide what you want to do.

7. Daydream Believer: While some of his dreams may seem unrealistic or out of reach, he has ever right to have them as dreams. No need to point out that you need help around the house or how being on the road will affect your kids. Simply remind him that you know how much this means to him and how happy you’d be for an opportunity to help him achieve his dream. Remember, if you show love, encouragement and support, it’s likely he’ll be less likely to do something stupid and irrational.

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