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Temper, Temper: How To Gain Control Of Your Anger:
With life getting progressively more stressful, we are becoming less adaptable and able to handle the pressure. And, we all know what happens when too much pressure builds up, there’s usually an explosion. Somehow, this normal chemical and human reaction has fallen into the category of yet ... Read On
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Show Me The Honey: How To Show Your Partner You Still Care
Most relationships go from “puppy love” to merely hounding each other with daily rhetoric and obligations. Still, our lover remains one of the most cherished treasures in our lives. So, what’s changed besides our own attitude? According to experts, nothing. In fact, most note that our love and ... Read On
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Time Yourself: Secrets of Effective Time Management
One of my biggest personal pet peeves (and I have many) is people who aren’t on time. I’m generally a forgiving person and can understand a few minutes of tardiness or up to a half hour (with a warning phone call) but perpetual perpetrators are a primary petulance. We all know “someone” like ... Read On
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Man-Dates: Simple Steps To Help Even The Most “Average” Joe Become a Dating Dynamo:
When it comes to dating it would seem like women would have the upper hand. With a drove of designs to hide a multitude of “sins”, a few aptly enhanced and accentuated assets, and some make-up magic (and the “proper”) date-time lighting, women can easily make themselves more desirable. Men on ... Read On
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Part 1 - Weighty Issues: Expert Advice For The Dieting Diva
For many, marriage and family life can mean gaining a whole new identity. I may also mean gaining some unwanted extra pounds or the inability to shed them. According to experts our focus frequently shifts primarily to the comforts of home and that includes comfortable clothes, lounging around ... Read On
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Part 2 - Pound Foolish: How To Avoid Setting Yourself Up For Failure
One of the biggest mistakes, according to experts, that we make when it comes to weight control is not only reaching for the wrong foods but also reaching for unrealistic goals. Generally speaking we impose limits that set us up for “failure” and rarely do we consider other factors affecting our ... Read On
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Part 3 - Think Thin: Psyching Yourself Up For Success
I’m sure you’ve all heard it said, that for women, “sex” is all in the mind. Well, according to experts, sexiness is all in the mind as well. They note, that by psyching yourself up, you can slim yourself down. Experts assert, that while simply thinking thin (thinner) thoughts won’t help you ... Read On
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Part 4 - A Pinch Of This…A Dash Of That: Key Ingredients To Successful Weight Management
If you’re the type to bite off more than you can chew, literally, and you want to shed your “insecurities” (aka….those “nasty” extra pounds) especially before “The Big Day”, you may just relish these little morsels for helping you sink your teeth into the sweet taste of success. · Have Faith: ... Read On
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Part 5 - Success Drive: Getting The Right Motivation For Success
Before actually loosing weight, many “dieters” first loose their ambition and their stick-to-itiveness. While initial weight loss and shedding those un-necessary pounds (and water weight) may seem “easy”, continued success and the implementation of a practical maintenance program are NOT. It not ... Read On
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Part 6 - A Lose-Win Situation: Winning The "War" On Losing Weight
The best way to become a “big winner” is by becoming a “big looser” and that entails developing a winning strategy for dropping not only those extra pounds, but also the “emotional” baggage that usually accompanies it. A few professional pointers to make your task more “appetizing”: 1. Set ... Read On
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Love, Liberation, and the Pursuit of Happiness: Keeping Your Relationship Rewarding
One of the greatest things about marriage is living with and enjoying your partner 24-7, right? Well, perhaps, but it can also be one of the most challenging aspects of your marriage. While most brides and grooms focus on putting their best foot forward for the wedding, few focus on putting ... Read On
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Write Of Passage: Writing Down Your Thoughts And Emotions Can Help You Control Them
How much truth is there to the expression “The pen is mightier than the sword”? Well, according to personal improvement professionals, LOTS….and, they also say it helps solve more issues, more effectively. One of the most cathartic exercises for getting yourself in tip-top emotional shape is to ... Read On
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