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Great Minds Think Alike: Common Practices For Keeping Your Mind Healthy
“I Can Think Clearly Now”, no, wait, the song goes “I Can SEE Clearly Now”, regardless, back the thinking clearly. We all reach a point in the day where our focus is off. For some, it its first thing in the morning, for others as soon as they get home from work, and still for others is that midday ... Read On
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Time To Change: Simple Steps To Help You Stick To And Reach Your Goals.
From better behavior to better relationships with friends, family, and loved ones, maybe even to self-improvement or home improvement, there is “something” or many things each of us has repeatedly “vowed” to “fix”. The question then remains, why are they still “broken”. The answer is because, ... Read On
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The Pluses Of Pregnancy: Addressing Concerns Of Plus-Size Moms-To-Be
Most women can’t wait to get pregnant, but many “fear”, even “dread” the idea of their body changing shape. Sure there are some who make pregnancy look pretty, even trendy, even encouraging others to anticipate a baby bump they can display. Still, for many plus-size moms-to-be, the idea of a ... Read On
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Glamour Guys: Because Every Girl’s Crazy About A Well-Groomed Man:
Tis the season to celebrate the beauty of mankind and more and more men are celebrating their masculine side by taking better care of themselves and that includes how they look. From spa treatments to grooming product, many men are discovering (or re-discovering) the lost “art” of pampering one ... Read On
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Energy Enhancers: Beating The Midday Slump:
If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’re body begins to “shut down” before you’re office or work establishment does. Even if you’re a stay-at-home parent, you can feel yourself dosing off, just about as your kids are winding up or getting home from school. It’s known as midday slump and it ... Read On
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Body By Simon: How Shopping Can Give You A Healthy Low-Impact Workout That’s Fun And Productive.
There’s an old adage that states that: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. In recent years that sentiment has been altered to state that: When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping”. While that may not be entirely true (in every situation), it may very well be true for those who ... Read On
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Just Another Manic Monday: (Mentally) Gearing Up For The Week Ahead:
While it should be no surprise that most of us look forward to Friday with eager anticipation, it’s probably also no surprise that we also approach Monday with despondent reservation. With so much to look forward to (on the weekend) and yet so much to catch up on, it seems that by the time ... Read On
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Looks Matter: What Your Features Say About You
There are so many expressions about looks and personality, including the eyes are the mirror to the soul, never trust anyone with squinty or beady eyes, how about those much “coveted” bedroom eyes, and I don’t even want to get into the whole thing about large hands and feet. Most of us have ... Read On
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Helping Hands: How To Find Time To Donate Your Time (To Worthy Causes)
Everyone these days professes to needing a sense of purpose. For many that is there home and family, for others it’s their career and for still others it’s their hobbies and interests, but there’s one area many of us often forget, and with all that’s recently happened, many of us have been reminded ... Read On
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Get Up And Go: Developing Your Emotional Energy
Now that you’re married and part of (your own) household, you may find that time is “running out” quite literally. With a husband, apartment or home, job, pets, and perhaps a family or impending one, you’ll likely have more obligations and less time to complete them in. For many this results in ... Read On
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Putting The Past Behind You: How and How Much To Reveal About Your Past
Once upon a time going steady implied marriage and it was more likely than not to marry your high school sweetheart. Today, both men and WOMEN are obtaining not only college degrees, but advances degrees, their own independence via job, apartment, etc., and putting off tying the matrimonial knot ... Read On
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The Party’s Over: Dealing With (Real) Life and (Real) Feelings After The Wedding
Since your very first crush you envisioned yourself as a bride and as a M.R.S. Now, you officially hold the “coveted” title and may be thinking to yourself, “be careful what you wish for” (at least next time), you just might get it. Getting married, (especially if you didn’t cohabitate with ... Read On
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