Hi ladies! I used to be an active poster for a few years, had my miracle baby in 2015 after 6 failed IUIs and then finally a successful IVF. We're still struggling to have a second and we recently had a failed FET cycle. Throughout this process I stumbled upon Resolve which is a national infertility association. They do great things for our community, for example, hold campaigns and fight for New Yorkers to receive better IVF insurance coverage just to name one. Anyway, last year they held the very first Walk of Hope Infertility walk in NYC and my husband and I were grateful to be part of it. This year they are doing it again and it will be held on May 19th at 9am at the Van Corandt Park in the Bronx. Like last year, I have created my own team and anyone from here is more than welcome to join us. We've named our team "Deviled Eggs". If you can't make it I ask that you please help to support the cause by donating to my team, there is no donation too small. Donations go directly through the website, not to me. Just click on the link below! It was truly an amazing experience last year and felt incredible to be amongst people that have lived through and still continue to fight this battle just as I did/do. They held speeches that made many of us both laugh and cry, they have contests with great prizes, have many vendor tables set up with a wealth of information for us, and have activities for the kids. I hope to see a lot of you there so that they will continue to hold these walks in NY!!! Thanks ladies

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