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Moms Due in July..

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LIF Toddler

Member since 10/10

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He's here!

Re: Moms Due in July..

Due July 11th!! (May change having my first ultrasound Wednesday!!! Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon)

Here are some of my symptoms:

Sore boobs
constantly peeing/ #2 issues
Gas pains
Nausea (started last night)
Weird appetite (sometimes I'm starving and then I eat and have no appetite for the res of the day.)

Posted 11/28/10 9:27 AM
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LIF Adult

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Re: Moms Due in July..

I get my EDD tomorrow at my first sono but I have calculated that I will be do July 11th or around.

I haven't really had an symptoms since getting bfp. The only ones I can say I have gotten are I have been soooooo exhausted and tired. I have had bloat and been gassy. I have had some cravings. Nothing really too major.

Posted 11/28/10 9:32 AM

LIF Adolescent

Member since 4/09

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Re: Moms Due in July..

I'm due July 27. In the very early begining I felt a lot of cramping and some morning sickness. Now, I am just tired and occasional cramping. I have some heartburn too. But, I'm not sure that is from the pregnancy.

Did anyone tell family members yet?

My husband told his parents on Thanksgiving. (he forgot that we discussed not saying anything until we were further along b/c of the miscarriage last time.)

Happy and Healthy 9months to us all!!!

Posted 11/28/10 9:45 AM

Balancing act on a highwire

Member since 5/05

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Re: Moms Due in July..

Also due around July 10/11th (july 8th is the last day of my current job). Ultrasound is Thursday...

I have:
afternoon nausea/vomiting (this is torture)
fatigue where I need to sleep 10h/day
BUT I don't sleep more than 4 hours in a row because I'm peeing a lot!
big tatas

I was forced to take a couple days vacation because it was all so bad. We'll see if it's better tomorrow!

Posted 11/28/10 6:21 PM

One day at a time

Member since 11/07

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Re: Moms Due in July..

Yay for July moms! I'm due July 23rd. So far I've been feeling:

Nausea off and on. This weekend I feel more like throwing up than just slightly nauseous, but haven't thrown up yet.

Exhaustion off and on. I don't feel tired all the time, but when I do it's extreme exhaustion. I also have trouble sleeping.

Peeing a lot.

Extreme hunger. When I get hungry I'm literally starving and need to eat within minutes.

Cramping, but that has subsided a bit this weekend.

Heartburn, but I had acid reflux before pregnancy. Not sure if pregnancy is making it worse.

My emotions are out of whack. There are days where I just feel like crying for absolutely no reason.

Posted 11/28/10 8:20 PM

my love, my life, my son

Member since 1/09

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Re: Moms Due in July..

first i was edd july 14, now 11th...either way...first it was the sore boobs & fading appetite & constant wetness...then nothing until week 6...then add in a few bouts of nausea, spotting, bloating, gassiness, a few hot flashes...oh and sudden hunger but then I can't finish the meal...

ETA: oh and all i do is sleep when I'm not at work

ETAA: did i mention my boobs weight a ton and look like a roadmap?

Message edited 11/28/2010 8:28:33 PM.

Posted 11/28/10 8:26 PM

LIF Infant

Member since 2/09

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Re: Moms Due in July..

WOW there's a lot of July mommies here...
I'm due July 11th. So far the only symptoms I've had are indigestion find and my sense of smell has heightened quite a bit oh and food taste different to me which I weird.

Posted 11/29/10 7:33 PM

Big sister!!!!!!!!!!

Member since 12/05

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Re: Moms Due in July..

Due July 10thChat Icon
Barely any Morning sickness
cramps on and off (period like)...I cant remember if this is normal??? i remember the round ligament pains and the rt side pulling up but not the period cramp feeling...Chat Icon

Posted 11/29/10 7:39 PM

LIF Infant

Member since 9/10

280 total posts


Re: Moms Due in July..

due around the 20th I think... havent been to the dr. yet.
I feel like I have it all... fatigue, some nausea, gas, cramping, super sore boobs, out of whack emotions, weird appetite, back hurts etc...
I will take it tho cause I am very excited and cant wait to see the dr and know everything is ok!

Posted 11/29/10 8:38 PM

LIF Adolescent

Member since 5/10

525 total posts

Team Pink? Whoa

Re: Moms Due in July..

I'm due July 4th...or 6th...or 2nd or 3rd, depending on who you ask lol. My symptoms have been fairly mild so far, but maybe they're starting to kick it up a notch.

At first, all I had was severe exhaustion and cravings. Then the food aversions kicked in, coupled with mild queasiness/nausea/ickyness. I've always been a very clear dreamer, but now my dreams have become more nightmarish. I've gained a ton of weight so far, and being very tall and thin to begin with, I'm showing really early, and starting to actually grow a butt and hips. Boobs...not so much lol. Oh well, figured as much. They don't really hurt though, just got a "tad" bigger...still not even a full A!

But yesterday I really had full on sickness, nearly passed out in church, and then when cleaning out a dirty pot that had meatsauce remnants in it I hurled. As horrible as that was, I was also really relieved, because the past few weeks I hadn't felt much going on at all, the sleepiness and cravings subsided, so I was afraid that something was wrong with the baby, but if I was passing out and throwing up all over the place I'm going to assume everything is going normal.

Posted 11/29/10 8:51 PM

Best "THINGS" in my life.

Member since 5/05

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Re: Moms Due in July..

I'm due July 26th according to my LMP

My symptoms so far are...

*sore boobs
*some waves of nausea but no full on morning sickness
*no appetite on a couple of occasions
* breakouts

Posted 11/30/10 10:30 AM

Me and my Boys

Member since 1/10

1400 total posts


Re: Moms Due in July..

Due July 25 according to my LMP, haven't had a sono yet.

Haven't had much symptoms at all, kinda worries me, but reading this thread looks like most of us are in the same boat. I've had occasional cramping, extreme tiredness, and waves of nausea here and there but nothing like getting sick or anything. Oh yeah and my back hurts like h*ll but I had that with DS too, probably doesn't help that I'm picking up and carrying DS all the time either.

Posted 12/1/10 10:49 AM

this is what it's all about

Member since 11/07

3321 total posts


Re: Moms Due in July..

edd july 11
just feeling tired, and i have waves nausea.
also from time to time i feel too warm, not hot, WARM!! and it drives me crazy
one minute i will be fine and the next minute i am ripping the layers off.

Posted 12/1/10 12:03 PM
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