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Smart Moves: Tips For Safely Moving On With Your Lives And Choosing The Right Moving Company:
After getting married I moved in with my DH only to move back in less than a year, and wait for him to join me. While there where no casualties to report the first time around, we had quite a few the second time around. While I at first was inclined to believe that it was probably due to my ... Read On
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In The Bag: Smart Packing Tips For Your Sensational Getaway
Okay, so, you’ve decided where to go and what to bring with you. Now the trick is making it all fit in the limited suitcase space you have. A few suggestions on how to pack like a professional. 1. Begin putting together your packing list at least a week beforehand so that you can check off what ... Read On
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Marriage Can Be Scary: A Look At The Reality Of Marriage And The Potential Anxiety and Panic It Can Cause
We are all no doubt familiar with certain life stresses and anxieties, but rarely do the hinder our daily life, progress or ability to function. Still, for others, (especially for brides or new wives and may moms) emotion is a very powerful emotion, and can reveal themselves in a variety of ... Read On
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Financial Moves: The Real Cost Of Moving
While you’re planning on moving ahead, the cost of moving can very well be moving you (financially) behind. If the cost of moving is simply not moving you, consider the hidden fees that may just pack on the dollars to your original (and often anticipated) quote. · Additional supplies, such as ... Read On
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Golden Dreams: Golden Opportunities For Your Golden Years:
The kids are safely unpacked in their new homes and lives and now it’s time for you to pack in an old lifestyle and pack up for a life of leisure and “luxury”. Whether your more “upscale” lifestyle means upgrading or downsizing, planting the seeds for a rosy future means carefully cultivating your ... Read On
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Think Outside The Box: How To Handle Unpacking:
You’ve envisioned just how every room is going to look once you get everything in place, but getting everything in place means getting everything out of the boxes first. Sure you’ve got most of them labeled and opened, but now you have to figure out just where to start and where everything is going ... Read On
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Moving In A New Direction: How To Acclimate To Your New Environment:
Most of us can remember how difficult it was adjusting to a new school or neighborhood when we were kids and all we had to worry about was making friends. In fact, school offered us a friend rich environment to work from. So, you can probably imagine how much more of a challenge adjusting may be ... Read On
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Smooth Moves: Tips On Making Your Move Safe And Easy
So, you’re married and ready to move on with your (adult) life….and for many, that may also mean an actual move into a new home or apartment. Packing up your life (lives) and moving can be an exhilarating and exciting experience, but it can also be an experience that may move you to tears. With so ... Read On
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Owning Up To Home Ownership: Some Timeless Tips For Making Your House A Home Sweet Home
Whether your moving into your first home, first new home, or simply to another home, it never ceases to be exciting, including all the added responsibility that comes along with home ownership. Part of this beautiful experience is learning all about making and keeping your house a home beautiful. ... Read On
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Let Me Entertain You: Mastering The Art Of Home Entertaining:
With the ever-increasing prevalence of super-sized, super supped up vehicles, super-sized homes and super-sized meals, it would seem quite ironic that our home lives to have actually “downsized”. In fact, the once “weekly” tradition of gathering with friends and family seems to have, for the ... Read On
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Sip Into Something More Comfortable: The Steamy Secrets Behind Your Favorite Cup
If you’re tired of dishing out five dollars or more for a latte, here’s the latest scoop on some of the tastiest trends that will satisfy your cravings to a tea. 1. Green Tea: A popular beverage from the orient made of leaves that are withered and rolled, but heated dry (or “fired”) to ... Read On
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To a Tea: How To Brew The Perfect Cup
With more and more folks learning about all the (health) benefits of these “hot” little, numbers, teas are more than just a tease for your taste buds. Savory Sensations: From black, to white and various varieties of green, teas have become the new drink of choice for many health conscious men ... Read On
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