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Mommy's of 2-4 month olds please come in

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LIF Adult

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Mommy's of 2-4 month olds please come in

Can you share your 3 month old's bedtime routine and what time you put him /her to sleep for the night?

Posted 7/10/14 9:39 PM
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Sweet P is here!

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Re: Mommy's of 2-4 month olds please come in

My DD is 4 months, and usually she sits with us while we eat dinner. Then we do bath, then I nurse her, then she goes down and I put on her mobile and sit next to her on the bed and rub her belly until she falls asleep. We start bath at 7 and she's down by 7:30 usually.

Posted 7/10/14 9:46 PM

My 2 Girls

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Mommy's of 2-4 month olds please come in

DD is 4 months old. She goes to bed around 11. She'll have a bottle between 10-10:30, a few more minutes of cuddling, diaper change, swaddle, kisses goodnight, in crib, mobile on. This has been our routine since she was 5 weeks old.

Posted 7/10/14 10:07 PM

Baby Boy is Here!

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Momma <3

Mommy's of 2-4 month olds please come in

DS is 2.5 months old: Bathe, change into pjs, nurse, swaddle, say goodnight, goes into crib with mobile on.

He was going to bed at 10. Now that he makes it through the night, we've been trying to move it up 15-30 mins each day - so now it's up to 9:15.

Posted 7/11/14 6:43 AM


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Mommy's of 2-4 month olds please come in

We do Bath, lotion massage, pajamas. Turn off the light, turn on the night light and sound machine. Put on sleep sack, have a bottle, rocked to sleep.

Posted 7/11/14 8:27 AM

My love muffin!

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Re: Mommy's of 2-4 month olds please come in

DS is 2.5 months. I really don't have a routine because I am on summer vacay and all routines go out the window LOL. But, what I would do (and kinda do) is bath (on the days that he does have a bath), bottle, my son reads a book to him while he is eating a bottle, and then swaddle and then put in crib! He sleeps anywhere between 9-11 until 5 or 6 am.

Posted 7/11/14 10:14 AM

Somewhere in Westeros

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Re: Mommy's of 2-4 month olds please come in

My DS is 4 months old. He is EBF and that is our only routine. He goes down for the night around 8:00pm and then I dream feed him around 11 before I go to bed and he sleeps until 5:00am. Then he wakes and eats and back to sleep for another hour or so. He still sleeps in our room.

My DD is 3, and we have an entire bedtime routine with her, so I'm glad that my DS BFs to sleep at 8:00 and that's all he needs.

Message edited 7/11/2014 11:13:56 AM.

Posted 7/11/14 11:12 AM

Little princess is here!

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Mommy's of 2-4 month olds please come in

Baby girl just turned 4 months. I bathe her bw 7 and 8. If it's time for a bottle I feed her and off to bed she goes. I have to wake her at 11 for another bottle with her meds and then she sleeps all night .. Knock on wood

Posted 7/14/14 9:43 PM

LIF Adult

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Re: Mommy's of 2-4 month olds please come in

My son is 3 months and EBF. We give him a bath at 9PM...change him, nurse him and put him to bed by 10ish. He starts looking for his pacifier at 6AM but doesn't wake up until 8. At 8 AM i change him, feed him and falls asleep again until we have to leave to drop off DD at camp. He still sleeps in our room.

Posted 7/15/14 12:24 AM

Our Baby Boy Is Here!!!

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Re: Mommy's of 2-4 month olds please come in

DS is 2-months old. We give him his last bottle btw 10-11pm. He will then sleep in his crib until 6-7am.

Posted 7/15/14 10:09 AM

LIF Adolescent

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Re: Mommy's of 2-4 month olds please come in

my son is 4 months old. routine goes: bath, book, bottle bed. i put him to sleep in a short sleeve onsie & a swaddle me. hes in bed between 8/830

Message edited 7/15/2014 10:23:56 AM.

Posted 7/15/14 10:23 AM

You're My Home <3

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Re: Mommy's of 2-4 month olds please come in

At four months Julian's routine was: bath at around 6:30pm, change into PJ's, which when he was that young it was just a short sleeve onesie that buttons in the front (like the one he had on at the hospital) with socks and then he would go into a swaddle and then a sleepsack at that age...and of course the lotion and all of that stuff followed by a bottle (formula fed from day one) and two tablespoons of oatmeal cereal. I started him on cereal at two months old just like my mom did with my brother who was a bottomless pit just like my son, lol. Anywho, he would have his bottle and cereal. We would read him a book and I *always* played music for him from day one - The Long and Winding Road, Lullaby (Billy Joel), Yesterday, Fields of Gold by Sting, Let it Be, etc. I would sing usually one or two songs like that each night (I play it on my Iphone). Then, a swaddle at that time because Julian enjoyed being swaddled until around 5 1/2 months old, plus sleep sack. And he was usually in bed by 7pm - 7:15pm - 7:30pm the latest. He would then sleep until 7/7:30am. White noise machine on, his Peter Rabbit nightlight on, done. Chat Icon

External Image

That's what he looked like in his crib at that age lol. You should see the size of him now Chat Icon We had just transitioned him at around 3-4 months old from his bassinet in our room to his own crib. The pad under him is from the bassinet. We left that in there for the first two nights to "transition" him from one to the other lol. We thought we were so inventive Chat Icon Then the white thing on the side is his fish globe - it plays music, lights, and little fish move around. I never put it on when he was going to sleep - but when he would wake up in the morning around 7am I would turn it on for him just to look at for a few minutes while I got his clothes ready and woke up myself.

Message edited 7/15/2014 2:18:18 PM.

Posted 7/15/14 2:10 PM

Love my girls!

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Re: Mommy's of 2-4 month olds please come in

My 2 month oled has her last bottle around 9:30. Prior to that I put her in an overnight diaper and a long sleeved onsie. I feed her in her room with dim light and soft music. I put her in her sleep sack about 15 minutes after she finishes to avoid spit up. I put her in her crib about 10:30ish. She was sleeping till 7ish but today woke up at 8am. I want to try to move up the bedtime to 9pm then each week about a half hour earlier till we get to 8pm. My older kids are the problem. It's hard to get the baby to settle down with them going nuts.

Posted 7/15/14 6:05 PM

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