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Natural vs Csection?

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3 under 2!!!

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Natural vs Csection?

who here was able to deliver their multiples vaginally? Im terrified of a csection (im only 12 weeks and its something I think about all the time) .. I gave birth to my daughter vaginally and would love to be able to do the same with the twins.

Posted 10/21/13 1:33 PM
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Re: Natural vs Csection?

vaginally, with no meds (not my choice, but would do it again) at 30 W. from 20w on they were both head down. good luck!!!

Posted 10/21/13 8:28 PM

Mommy to FOUR little men!

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Re: Natural vs Csection?

If both babies are head down, you could absolutely deliver vaginally if all goes smoothly! I had a csection with my first, so opted to do the same for the twins.

Posted 10/22/13 3:17 PM

LIF Adult

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Re: Natural vs Csection?

I had planned to deliver vaginally but baby A was breech and never flipped. Chat Icon
I'll be honest.. I was terrified and totally against a c section but it really wasn't a bad experience. Recovery wasn't bad. and the scar is so little! Its still fading 1 yr later.
In all, do what's safest for you and the LOs..
Good luck!

Posted 10/22/13 7:10 PM

My happy babies

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Natural vs Csection?

I planned to deliver them vaginally. I was not really scared of a C-section but I had an almost 2 year old at home and not being able to pick him up would kill me I thought

anyway my doctor said I could go vaginally if baby a was head down - baby b could be in any position, My doctor had delivered breech before

I delivered Baby A vaginally but Baby B went transverse after Baby A was born - liked having lots of room. My doctor only wanted to wait about 30 minutes in trying to get Baby B to engage either head or feet but he would not move. BaBY B was delivered by C-section 42 minutes after Baby A.

But my recovery was not bad for having both types of deliveries. Everyone always bad for me but I was up moving later the day after the twins were born.

Posted 10/23/13 10:27 AM

drama. daily.

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Natural vs Csection?

Carey., follow your gut and go with a perinatologist/OB who will let you go vaginally. There are few doctors who will turn a baby (external or internal version), and if the babies are healthy and all is working out well, you can have a vaginal birth. However, psych yourself up for the fact that you could have a c-section. It will be so much harder if you have your heart set on a vaginal birth and then they disappoint you by saying it has to be a c-section Chat Icon I think I was convinced I was having them vaginally and in the end, I had a c-section with a difficult and painful recovery.
I went into the hospital at 33W to prevent an early delivery. Baby a was head down, and all was fine. They could have turned baby B because she was transverse. However, the night before delivery, baby A decided to go breach Chat Icon I woke up that morning 5cm dilated, and they whisked me into the OR before I could even take a shower! They can't turn baby A.

I didn't have an infection or complications, I was just in a lot of pain afterwards for 4 months. I would definitely try for a VBac myself personally, next DC. Chat Icon Chat Icon

Message edited 10/24/2013 10:55:52 AM.

Posted 10/24/13 10:54 AM

LIF Infant

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Re: Natural vs Csection?

My girls were delivered vaginally- 37 weeks, 2 days. Baby A at 2:10 and one and half later... Baby B at 3:40. All I had was a epi. The delivery wasn't bad at all. The babies were healthy and happy, no complications at all.

Posted 10/24/13 1:05 PM

LIF Adult

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Re: Natural vs Csection?

my OB's plan was to go with natural unless i couldnt. honestly i was afraid of going natural but was willing to do whatever was best. But we ended up having a c-section because baby A was breeched and never turned.

c-section was not bad at all. i only had pain the 2nd day and was up and around after i got some pain meds!

Posted 10/24/13 3:53 PM

My Little Yankee Fans

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Re: Natural vs Csection?

My ob's were all for me having them vaginally. I was even induced for 4 days and reluctantly the Dr said he had to do the c-section because Baby B was small and needed to come out. SO I tired and they really tried to avoid a c-section but it really wasn't that bad and I was okay with it becuase after 4 days I was done with being induced.

Make sure you have a Dr that is willing to try for vaginal and then you will know that you will have the best chance at having a v-birth.

Good Luck!

Posted 10/27/13 3:47 PM


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Re: Natural vs Csection?

36w3d i delivered vaginally.
32 minutes apart.
was awesome!

Posted 11/6/13 3:53 PM


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Re: Natural vs Csection?

I had my 1st vaginally and really wanted to have the twins vaginally. A was always head down and B was normally transverse but 3 out of the 4 OBs in my practice said they would go in and grab him after A delivered. So I had a 75% shot of delivering vaginally depending on the OB I got.

Well thankfully B fliped to head down at 36 weeks because at 37 weeks my water broke and within 2 hours I had delivered both babies on the highway- obviously vaginally- and with no drugs!

So all those months of talking about it with my OBs meant nothing, ha!

Posted 11/15/13 2:15 PM

Hope is Contagious....catch it

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Re: Natural vs Csection?

natural...they were 2 hours apartChat Icon

Posted 11/19/13 10:36 AM


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Re: Natural vs Csection?

Mine were breech the entire time but my doc was willing to try vaginal if 1)baby a and baby b were head down or 2) baby a was head down, and then we'd have to discuss options for baby b.
i had a c section bc they never turned then i was rushed into the OR because of pre-e

Posted 11/19/13 4:56 PM

Mommy to 3!

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Jesss, duh.

Re: Natural vs Csection?

Posted by LadyBug1209

If both babies are head down, you could absolutely deliver vaginally if all goes smoothly! I had a csection with my first, so opted to do the same for the twins.

Same here. And for me only baby A went head down. Baby B was transverse my entire pregnancy.

Posted 11/20/13 9:00 PM

LIF Adult

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Re: Natural vs Csection?

natural.. 7 minutes apart at 36 weeks.. Good luck!!!

Posted 11/30/13 2:27 PM

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