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Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

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2 little ladies

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Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

I dont know about your findings. I was SOOOOOO sick for the first 14 weeks and delivered Chat Icon Chat Icon at 30 weeks.

consider yourself lucky. I was miserable

Message edited 6/25/2012 10:57:20 PM.

Posted 6/25/12 10:56 PM
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Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

I know it's hard not to worry & be concerned this early in the game, before seeing the doctor (unless you have already?) I am scared as well, but I am tryng to just keep optimistic and pray as much as I can...Try & ease your mind by looking at baby clothes online, or reading pregnancy books! Chat Icon

Posted 6/25/12 10:57 PM

LIF Infant

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Miss Incognito

Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

Put down the keyboard and walk away from google!!!!!

I didn't have MS with my son, I only had it with my 1st MC. Don't worry about not have too many symptoms now, Im in the same boat Chat Icon

Posted 6/26/12 6:57 AM

different, not less

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Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

yea this is pretty much BS... i had almost no morning sickness and i'm 32 weeks now.

Posted 6/26/12 7:02 AM

LIF Infant

Member since 12/09

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Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

Everyone is different, every pregnancy is different. I've had two with pregnancies that had very little morning sickness (thought it was a lot at the time Chat Icon ) Then I suffered a miscarriage at 10 weeks which also only had symptoms of pregnancy/morning sickness. Then two months later I got pregnant(currently due in 8 weeks) and was violently ill for six plus weeks, severe morning sickness. While the theory helped me with thinking all was right with this pregnancy after the miscarriage, I'm really not sure it can be considered a fact. Unfortunately there is no sure way of knowing everything is going to be ok, our bodies do their best. Hang in there, it's a long road Chat Icon

Posted 6/26/12 8:26 AM

Round 2!!

Member since 1/07

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Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

I was not sick at ALL during my first pregnancy and I have a beautiful 2-yr old boy! I am now 10+ weeks and while I was a little nauseous at times, I never threw up or got really sick.

Don't read into anything an be thankful that you feel good!

Chat Icon

Posted 6/26/12 8:32 AM

LIF Adolescent

Member since 2/11

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Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

I did not throw up once this entire pregnancy and got nauseous a total of 2 times and I'm 30 weeks today...Google is evil

Posted 6/26/12 8:46 AM


Member since 1/12

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Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

you are going to make me crazy too! i am 7 weeks 3 days and not the slightest bit sick (thankfully)...saw my dr yesterday and she said everything looked great.

try not to stress and worry Chat Icon

Posted 6/26/12 9:12 AM

Thank you, St. Gerard!

Member since 2/11

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Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

Sorry Ladies! I didn't want to make anyone panic.
I actually didn't read that on google, i swear! Chat Icon

i was on one of those websites that tells you how your baby is growing on a week by week basis and on the 6 week mark they were talking about morning sickness and they had a sidebar about what i had mentioned in my original post. i got nervous when i read that
Chat Icon but thanks for all the words of encouragement! Chat Icon

Posted 6/26/12 9:20 AM

LIF Adolescent

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Message edited 8/20/2012 4:19:51 PM.

Posted 6/26/12 9:21 AM

LIF Adult

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Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

Don't worry about this. With my last 3 pregnancies, I had very few to no morning sickness and I had very healthy babies. With this one, it's the total opposite. Can't wait for the first trimester to be over with already.

Posted 6/26/12 9:40 AM

Just another chapter in life..

Member since 11/09

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..being a mommy and being a wife!

Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

Such a wives tale.
I wasn't sick a day in my pregnancy.
Nor was my sister
Nor was my BFF
We all had easy, uneventful pregnancies and carried to term.

If you don't get sick- it simply means ONE thing. YOU ARE LUCKY!

Posted 6/26/12 10:27 AM

LIF Adolescent

Member since 8/10

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Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

I personally had horrible MS and had to be on medication but my SIL has had two babies and never got sick once. Her pregnancies were very easy, as were her deliveries. That's just called being lucky!!!! Be happy you may be one of them if it never comes! I also had another family member who had two children and was never sick.

Posted 6/26/12 10:35 AM

big sister status may 2012!!

Member since 5/08

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Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

for me (and my mom!) that's absolutely false. my mom had 4 kids with zero morning sickness in each pregnancy. i've had two pregnancies with zero morning sickness either, except for some strong morning starvation, that made me feel famished and light headed but that doesn't really count cause it went away once i ate Chat Icon relax!

Posted 6/26/12 10:45 AM

let's be nice

Member since 9/07

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Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

Def stop worrying yourself. I have never had an ounce of morning sickness with either of my pregnancies & both were perfect & healthy as yours will be Chat Icon

Posted 6/26/12 10:51 AM

LIF Adult

Member since 11/08

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Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

the internet is not your friend. As of right now I'm 27 weeks and I did not have any morning sickness and so far everything has been really good.

Posted 6/26/12 11:06 AM

More a stranger than a friend

Member since 5/06

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Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

I had morning sickness with my first son and no sickness with my second. I have two healthy boys. Stop looking at the internet!! Enjoy your pregnancy. Chat Icon

Posted 6/26/12 11:10 AM

Love baby feet

Member since 2/09

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Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

I had no morning sickness at all and I carried to term.

Posted 6/26/12 11:11 AM

LIF Adult

Member since 11/10

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Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

With DD I felt totally fine, maybe a tad sleepy and very occasionally a twinge of queasiness but that was it. I went to term. I know a person who complained of nausea and went on to have a MC. Really, I would not worry about this either way. It's just undue cause for stress.

Posted 6/27/12 8:34 AM


Member since 1/08

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Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

Posted by mooshyboo

Posted by cateyemm

Stop googling! You will find that everyone is so different and it means nothing in their individual experience. Your best bet is to stay as blissfully ignorant as possible! Besides, 6w is still early for ms.

ITA! Stop googling ~ you will drive yourself crazy!


Posted 6/27/12 8:59 AM

My Life. My Everything.

Member since 10/07

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Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

Step away from the computer. Unfortunately, either of those things may or may not happen to you at any time during your pregnancy. I had 0 morning sickness and had the easiest pregnancy with a healthy baby. Try not to dwell or think about those things and just take each day as it comes. Chat Icon

Posted 6/27/12 11:14 AM


Member since 5/07

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Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

I think there is a difference between morning sickness and down right feeling like you're dying. With my SKittle I had "morning sickness", but I was literally always throwing up, pale, and could not get out of bed to even pee. That is NOT normal. I remember being 8wks thinking I am not having anymore I can't function. I lost that baby at 10wks. With both Emmy and Sawyer I had hyperemisis so I threw up everyday at least 5 times a day all 9 months, but I could function. It was 100% different, and I knew that....I could feel the difference. WIth Skittle I was like WTH and with the kids I had I was liek Oh this is what it is that makes sense.

Posted 6/27/12 11:59 AM


Member since 2/09

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Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

I call shennangins on that study...

Posted 6/27/12 3:03 PM

So in love

Member since 10/05

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Re: Morning Sickness & Miscarriage

I am 16 weeks and didnt experience morning sickness. Some days I had waves of nausea (and still do) but for the most part, I feel good & tired!

Posted 6/27/12 5:10 PM
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