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Toddler Moms. (around 17 mths)...some questions....

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me and baby #3!

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Toddler Moms. (around 17 mths)...some questions....

what kind of snacks are you feeding your kids?

What time is last snack versus dinner?

what is the time interval between a meal and snack (it seems Alyson will eat every 1 1/2 hours....but it's mostly fruit as the snack!)

What is bedtime?

Any great toy suggestions that will last us awhile? Right now Aly is REALLY into coloring and reading books.....all day long "booka booka book"

What do you do with DC when it's supremely hot out (it's 93 today)

And for the SAHM/kids....are your kids involved in any activities on a regular you participate or is it a drop off?

Posted 6/6/07 2:30 PM
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Re: Toddler Moms. (around 17 mths)...some questions....

Well John is a bit older than Aly but I'l give you my rundown

Cheese, goldfish, pretzels, grapes, apples

He usually gets a snack around 5, dinner is about 6:30

He usually snacks about every 1.5 hours to 2 hours. Fruit mainly, but wil ask for fishies once and a while.

Bedtime, a nightmare in itself. We TRY to start winding down at 8ish. We put him in his bed by 8:30ish, read a book or two, watch elmo. He will fall asleep eventually but if he hears a slight creak he is up. I could light m80's in my house and he wouldnt budge but a creaky floor board and wham he's up.
On a good night he is in bed sleeping by 9:30, on a bad night, 10:30-11:00 Chat Icon

Toys, likes to color now, loves anything to do with Cars, balls, or Toy Story. Bascially though its Cars. not to much help there.

When its super hot, which its been pretty much the last week, I take him in our pool or I fill up his kiddie pool and let him soak until he's happy.

Activities: Aside from playing with the little kids on the block, I take him to JW Tumbles every Wednesday (just got back), I take him to feed the ducks at the park, I take him to the Carousel, the zoo, and when my cousins get out of school for summer we go to Pt. Pleasant beach in NJ 2-3 times a month, its got great beaches and an awesome boardwalk with rides and games. Droping my son off, not ready for that yet Chat Icon

Posted 6/6/07 2:47 PM


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Re: Toddler Moms. (around 17 mths)...some questions....

Alex is 20 months - not that far off - as far as snacks go, we've cut them down significantly because we found that she was snacking most of the day and then not eating a full lunch or dinner. So, she usually has a snack after breakfast - maybe some cheerios or a banana. Then, lunch, then another snack around 3pm - a fig newton, some goldfish or fruit. And then we hold out until 6pm with no snacks - by that time she's really hungry for dinner and eats literally everything we give her. We also found that she's much less picky about dinner when we do it this way.

Alex's morning snack is about an hour and a half to two hours after breakfast. So her schedule is 7:30am breakfast, 9:30am snack, 11:30am lunch, 3pm snack, 6pm dinner, and 7:30pm bedtime.

Alex gets bored with toys - she likes activities. We play around a lot - if it's bad weather outside, I chase her around the house, we play with sparky, we play with her stuffed animals (her favorite is putting sleepysaurus to bed - she lays him on a pillow, puts a blanket on him, and kisses him goodnight), and her latest favorite game is hide and seek.

If the weather is really hot, we just bought a pool, so we hang out in the backyard in the pool with her friends who are direct neighbors.

Most days, we play outside with her neighbors. We have some push cars, a tricycle, chalk, jump rope, etc. That entertains all of them for a good 2-3 hours.

Posted 6/6/07 2:56 PM

LIF Infant

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Re: Toddler Moms. (around 17 mths)...some questions....

MY DS is 17 months. For snacks he likes puffs, LOVES those Gerber dried fruits and fresh fruit, crackers, etc. He eats dinner at around 6 and does not have anything to eat after, though he still gets a bottle with about 6 oz. of milk before bed. We start the bedtime routine at around 7:15 - 7:30 and he goes to bed around 8.

Right now he also loves books and balls. He likes kicking and throwing anything! I'm going to have to get him some new toys soon - I haven't bought him anything in a while really.

When its super hot we tend to stay inside. He hates the sun and heat so its hard. I am going to sign him up for gymboree and I think I'm going to get him a little kiddie pool as well.

Posted 6/6/07 2:58 PM

My Little Yankee Fans

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Re: Toddler Moms. (around 17 mths)...some questions....

My boys are older but their schedule has remained the same for a while now.

Wake up and come downstaris by 8:30 - I will give them a cup with cheerios

9:00 - they eat breakfast

11:00 - sometimes a snack, grapes, goldfish, cheerios, cereal bar, strawberries, banana

12:30 Lunch

1:30 - nap until 5:00

5:00 - if dinner is not right away I will give them a few goldfish

6:00 - dinner

8:00 - 8:15 bedtime

Posted 6/6/07 3:24 PM

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Re: Toddler Moms. (around 17 mths)...some questions....

Brianna is 17 months old
BF @ 8:30-9 cheerios and friut
snack @10:30-11ish wafers, puffs wagon wheel
lunch 12:30-1ish yogurt maybe 2
nap CIO as we speak 2hr nap
snack when she wakes cheese,wafers puffs,wagon wheel ,animal cracker,etc
dinner 6-6:30 usually pasta of some sort chicken nuggets, turkey hot dogs she is picky with dinner
8pm bottle and bed till she CIO

We usually go to the park and farm with Daddy on Mon Tues and Fri when Mommy is working and then come home to play in kiddie pool and we just bought ALOT of little tikes toys from craigs list. So we play outside doing that stuff she loves to push things and love ELMO anything.. Not nito coloring at all but to look through books sometimes..

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Posted 6/6/07 4:43 PM

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