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I know this is a hard question to answer, but...

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Chase is one!

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I know this is a hard question to answer, but...

Could you possibly tell me how much your monthly spending increased once you had the baby? I am having major anxiety because I am a planner. I usually know exactly how much it costs for us to live each month so that I can save and plan accordingly, and not knowing even a ballpark figure is killing me. I'm getting a fairly good raise for next school year, however, it doesn't kick in until the last day of September, and I'm starting to panick and feel like I need to horde all the money I can into our savings account now so that we have money if we need it. TIA.

Posted 4/1/06 7:36 PM
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Re: I know this is a hard question to answer, but...

Diapers- $40 (more in the beginning though)
Wipes- $20 (also more in the beginning)
Clothes - $20-50
Copay - $30-60
Babysitting (we have no family in the area) - $50-$100
Food - $40
I can't think of anything else, other than picking up toys here and there. THAT I spent a lot of money on (i.e. exersaucer, high chair, etc., but all that you can get at your shower)

Posted 4/1/06 7:42 PM


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Re: I know this is a hard question to answer, but...

It depends on a lot of things. What brand of diapers and wipes you use, if you breastfeed or formula feed, etc. In our case, we shop mainly at BJs. We use about a case of pampers diapers and a case of wipes a month. If I remember correctly from the last time I went, it's about $33 for diapers, $17 for wipes. Figure another load or 2 of laundry a week. Plus the separate detergent if you go that route. You can use a dye and fragrance free detergent for everyone if you want.

We use formula, so that's where the big expense was. We use RTF rather than powder. BRU in Massapequa gets about $33 for a case of 6 32 oz. bottles. Buy Buy Baby is about $28. I forget what BJ's is, about $30 I think. But we signed up for coupons from Similac, and had my mom and MIL sign up too, so we rarely bought a case that wasn't $5 or $10 off. Plus I signed everyone up for coupons from Enfamil and Good Start which I then traded on for more Similac coupons.

Also, a lot of our other expenses went down. We don't eat out or go to movies anywhere near as much as in the past. I don't really want to buy stuff for myself anymore, I prefer to get stuff for Sarah.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. For me, the hardest part is not buying every cute outfit or toy that I see.

Posted 4/1/06 7:47 PM

Family of 5!

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<3 Mommy <3

Re: I know this is a hard question to answer, but...

1st off- I wanna say, I dont think you can ever plan enough for a baby...but somehow things always work out...

I am the same as you... I always want my bills paid a month in advance, and am always trying to calculate or future expenses...

Before we had RJ- I worked FT... and wonder how we'd make it with having to spend more $$$ on baby stuff, while my money was going to be cut in half, since I was going down to pt...

And we make every month, being able to put $$ in savings, and some recreational $$$ (Makes me wonder where all the $$ went, when I was working FT and had no baby expenses...)


Per month (about):

Formula $130
Diapers, wipers, creams, bath stuff etc $30-60 (this is just a guess.... I just bought my 1st thing of diapers, about a week ago- I got so much at my shower believe it or not!)(Also- as far as creams and bath stuff... I buy the bulk at costco, and am good for about 2 months or so...)
Jar food & Cereal- $30
Clothing- Depending on what kinda shopper you are, and how much you get for your shower... But Im gonna say $100

(I most certainly dont spend that every month... but as hes grown out of the "baby stuff" ie: newborn ,0-3. 3-6- mostly what you get @ your shower- I find myself not just buying for funanymore- and buying because he's truely out growing everything...)

Overall- I would say a guestimate of 300/ month... You may spend more some months and you may spend less! (But you'll def. be spending 150-200, for food, diapers and wipes every month)

Basically, what Im trying to say is... try not to stress over it... somehow things always work out...

*** Some advice.... DH and I bought a pkg of diapers a week for the last month and a half of my preg. (about 6 pkgs.) that plus what I got from my shower lasted me about 6 months Chat Icon - def. helped ALOT)

*****Sign up for every coupon, and or freebie club possible!!!

**** Get a good saving back up... DH and saved ALOT before having the baby- and it def. helped around xmas... his christening, and just for a fun (toys, extra clothes...etc...)

Message edited 4/1/2006 7:57:04 PM.

Posted 4/1/06 7:53 PM

boys will be boys =)

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Re: I know this is a hard question to answer, but...

Im glad everyone gave you such great info, because I could never answer this dollar for dollar Chat Icon Chat Icon

I do agree that it does work itself out. Im a stocker upper when I get great deals. For example how they said it depends on what brands of diapers you use, etc.
Although Im a coupon-aholic, most of the time I get Pampers brand for just about the same price as generic brands (go for great sales, plus us coupons), so I might as welll get better quality. BUT if Ihave to, if store brands (grocery store brands, BJs brand, BRU, etc) are on sale for a RIDICULOUS price, I will stock up big time. I already have a good amount for the baby, and I stock up as I go along. Im really never out of diapers and wipes, so its hard for me to calculate that as a montlhy expense, kwim?
IF you BF thats big savings. As far as clothes, you should get enough gifts to last the first year (and I mean that! Chat Icon Chat Icon )

Its really not half as bad as "they say" so dont worry too much ! We're surviving with my grad school, and # 3 on the way Chat Icon Chat Icon
oh and my littie subbing paycheck just barely pays for milk and manicures Chat Icon

Message edited 4/1/2006 8:15:19 PM.

Posted 4/1/06 8:14 PM

me and baby #3!

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Re: I know this is a hard question to answer, but...

there is no way I could answer dollar for dollar.

Formula: we use powder and the can is $12.58 a can and lasts me I think 3-4 days.

Diapers: I got a lot at the diaper shower at my church in various sizes. I've tried all brands and I do have my favorites (pampers) and try to buy them with coupons when they are on sale (ie: BRU coupon in flyer w/ manufacturers coupon OR on sale at Target w/ coupon). a bunch at the shower also...I don't use one every time I change her. I happen to LOVE CVS Supreme wipes...they are SO soft!

clothes: I accept hand me downs and shop 2nd hand stores.....the baby doesn't know where it came from and often I end up with Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Gymboree, etc at minimal cost. I do her laundry about once a week with Baby All (and I've found she doesn't have a reaction when I use Purex Free). so what if she wears the same outfits over and over...she's a BABY.

Furniture: bought it all 2nd hand or borrowed
toys: 2nd hand or gifts.

We found other ways to save....I shop different stores for their sale items when we need them. I shop at thrift stores & Goodwill for decent stuff and sell that on Ebay. I shop normal stores for clearance and sell that (I got 4th of July tees at Children's Place outlet for .99 and I will be selling them soon!)

It's amazing how much you'll sacrafice for a child and it's true, you are NEVER ready.

Posted 4/1/06 9:43 PM


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Re: I know this is a hard question to answer, but...

Maybe I am alone here, but I have not found having a baby to be THAT expensive. I mean I was expecting it to be alot worse when it came to $$ than it really is.

A can of formula costs us about $23.00 at BRU which lasts about 1 week. A pack of diapers is about $15.00and it lasts about 1 week, maybe more. Like Marissa said, we were buying packs of diapers before Ryan was born and got alot as gifts.

We got tons of clothes so I never really spent any money on that. Once in a while I will pick something up at Kid City or someplace like that. Whenever places are having end of season sales I always pick up some stuff and put it away if it doesnt fit him yet.

Definitely sign up on formula co. websites, diaper websites so you can get coupons.

For me, I don't find having a child makes me feel overwhelmed when it comes to money at all.

Posted 4/1/06 9:56 PM


Member since 10/05

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Re: I know this is a hard question to answer, but...


Diapers........... $40.00

Wipes............ $10.00

Butt stuff........... $5.00

Formula............ $100.00

Clothes/Toys..... $50.00

Miscellany......... $30.00

Hearing your 7 month old mumble "mama".....

Priceless. Chat Icon

Posted 4/1/06 9:57 PM

boys will be boys =)

Member since 9/05

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Re: I know this is a hard question to answer, but...

AWWWW, I Love the "priceless" part of the list !!

Rachel-there are SO MANY of those moments that you will forget that youve even opened your wallet Chat Icon

I have to say, I cant imagine toys being a monthly expense Chat Icon
After all the gifts, bdays, xmas, other holidays (Easters, etc). and "just because" gifts from the whole world, toys are the last thing on the "Things to budget for".. unless its something we MUST have, and that doesnt really happen until they get old enough to ask for it... THEN youre in trouble Chat Icon

Ive also gotten clothes from friends or family, especially in the first few months, you need very few "perfect outfits", even though its totally irresistable to dress them up Chat Icon
but just like we do with our selves, with babies, esp in summer, when so little clothes is needed, you get comfy in using a few pairs or shorts, tops and sandals, and some cute outfits for outings..

I also get killer deals on clothes.
I thought it was just me that wasnt overwhelmed with "the price" of having children...
now ask me about owning a home and going to grad school and maintaining my sanity along the way Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 4/1/06 10:08 PM

My Everything

Member since 5/05

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Re: I know this is a hard question to answer, but...

Honestly I don't know if I can answer. I can tell you that I went from making 6 figures to being a SAHM and we're making. Granted I have just started working PT 2 days a week but before then we were doing OK.
I think if you're having a baby on a budget one thing you have to look at is what the baby needs vs. what you want the baby to have (ie toys, clothes, accessories, etc.)
My daughter has more toys than she needs, more clothes, jackets, tights, etc then she gets to wear. Sure lots of them were gifts but I've done my fair share of shopping. I will say I am an extreme bargain shopper because I can't see paying $20 for a pair of jeans from baby gap when my adult size jeans are $20 from old nay. If I want name brand I buy off ebay and resell it when she grows out of it.
Breastfeeding is a great way to save money and a great benefit to your baby.
Like Shana I don't use a wipe every time I change her. If its a pee diaper I don't usually wipe her. Lots of books will actually tell you not to use a wipe with every change.
I have never actually sat down and figured out a dollar amount because we're just not budget kind of people.
I will say that it is a good idea to have some money saved up just in case. We had some unexpected medical expenses with our daughter. First I had issues with my milk supply so we spent a lot of money on a lactation consultant, $75 a month renting a breast pump, then formula to supplement. Then she had acid reflux so we had lots of doctor visits, co pays, presciptions, etc. If we were "broke" I don't know how we would have gotten through any of that.
You sound really responsible and prepared. I am sure you and JT are going to be just fine.

Posted 4/1/06 10:18 PM

Happy New Year

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Re: I know this is a hard question to answer, but...

You got a bunch of great answers already but I'll chime in too.

Here are my estimates:

Formula - I use RTF and 1 case lasts about a week. BBB has them the cheapest unless Costco is running a sale. Plus I use coupons always at least $5 off. So that's about $120

Diapers - I use Huggies, certainly not the cheapest. BRU has the biggest box. Approximately $60 (I also have to keep enough on hand for the sitter)

Wipes - Huggies also $15 (sometimes more if I have to restock the sitter...she seems to go through them and the diapers like water!) Chat Icon

Toys, clothes, batteries (yes, batteries) etc - approximately $100

Bath stuff, lotions, etc - I'm STILL using what I got at my shower... haven't had to buy one thing.

I heard somewhere, before I had Jake, that a baby costs approximately $300/mo. I was surprised to find out how close to accurate that
estimate was! That's not counting childcare of course... we save because we are using family... every choice has it's sacrifices (trust me)... when we were researching day care centers and other in-home care situations we were looking at $1300-$1500 and $1000 - $1200 respectively.

Posted 4/2/06 8:06 AM

I am a lucky Momma!

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Re: I know this is a hard question to answer, but...

Everyone's estimates are right about where mine are as far as formula, food, diapers, etc.

I also pay for in-someone's-home day care and it runs me around 12-1300/month for 5X/week 8-9hrs per day.

THAT is definateloy the biggest cost. I think if childcare wasn't so expensive this really wouldn't be putting a big dent in our wallets, but it's necessary so it's just something you learn to deal with.

I have to aggree with what was said though -- my pregnancy wasn't planned and although it was VERY welcomed we were kind of freaking out about affording everything -- and it all works out in the end.

Posted 4/2/06 8:22 AM

Chase is one!

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Re: I know this is a hard question to answer, but...

You ladies are awesome, and I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question! I have to say, nothing makes me more excited to be a mom then coming on here and reading everything you guys write about your little ones. I've never encountered a group of women as happy as all of you to be raising their children. That gives me such a sense of pride knowing that I will be joining you soonChat Icon

As for the money, I know that I could probably just let it go and wing it when she comes because we have plenty of money to "play" with now and also have a decent savings, however, my main goal for the next year, besides caring for my daughter, is to save enough money to buy a house, and I had NO idea how much it costs to have a baby month to month. As for clothes and things like that, we're VERY lucky. I already have enough clothes for her to last until she's about 4 because JT's cousin has three little girls and keeps giving us boxes of brand new clothes her girls never wore!Chat Icon Plus, people have been SO generous to us already, and I haven't even had my shower yet!
I just wasn't sure how much diapers and other stuff would cost, but even having a ballpark figure now really helps. I am a pretty good bargain shopper, and I have already put myself on all those coupon lists and what not, so I'm sure it will all be fine. I'm just a worry-wart! Thank you all so much again!Chat Icon

Posted 4/2/06 9:49 AM

Chase is one!

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Re: I know this is a hard question to answer, but...

bump for nancygrace

Posted 7/18/06 8:12 AM

April already?

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Re: I know this is a hard question to answer, but...

I find that I am able to bargain shop for most things but the big expense is daycare. Close to 1100 per month and that is where DH and I had to sit down and figure out our budget since I dont make that much more then the daycare costs. We are doing fine now but are soon going to have to buy me a new car and we are dreading the car payments.

Posted 7/18/06 9:55 AM

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