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Evan Alexander's drug-free hypnobabies birth

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I love Hypnobabies

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Evan Alexander's drug-free hypnobabies birth

This was my second drug-free hypnobabies birth. My first was 19 hours of back labor with 2 1/2 hours of pushing. I managed it all drug-free, but it was difficult. I really focused my thoughts on having this baby line up perfectly and having an easy pushing stage. This is what I got......

Ever since I got my BFP I guessed Evan would be born on March 10. His original due date was 3/23 and that got moved up to 3/16 at my 12 week sono. March 11 was the full moon and my first had been born a week early on the full moon, so I had the 10th in my head from day 1.

I was having serious contractions for about a week and the Friday before his birth I had been up for a few hours with contractions about 5 min apart for over an hour, but they weren't leading to anything. I always got them at night, so I was very disappointed when I woke up on Tuesday, March 10 from a full night of sleep. I was laying there thinking to myself "I guess I'm wrong. I don't know when this baby is coming....maybe he will be late....yuck, another day at work...." when I felt an intense pain deep inside my cervix. I thought "what the he** was that!" I was used to weird pains, but never felt anything like this. All of the sudden I felt warm water on my leg and I jumped up and said, "Oh god, I think my water just broke!" My water hadn't broken with my first until I was pushing him out, so I was really surprised. It was 6:30 am.

It wasn't a huge gush, but I would have little gushes as I walked. No contractions, so I decided to get in the shower. I called my midwife and she said to come on in, since I was GBS+ we needed to confirm whether or not the water broke. DH and I ate breakfast and got DS#1 ready for daycare. It was funny how casual it all was. We dropped DS#1 off and headed out to Stony Brook. I was pretty disappointed because I wasn't getting any good contractions. I knew I did not want Pitocin and the GBS+ complicated things.

We got there around 9:30 am and Marie (the midwife) confirmed that my water had broke. I was just starting to loose my mucus plug and Marie had done a visual check (she didn't want to do an internal because of the GBS) and she thought the cervix looked long and hard. She delivered the bad news -- she thought I would need Pitocin. At that point, I wasn't ready to consent to Pit, but did want the antibiotics. We agreed that I would be admitted to L&D to get the antibiotics started and give my body some time to see if labor would kick in.

She suggested I try the famed "HHH" enema (hot, high, and heck of alot). She thought it would give me the best chances of going into labor. Desparate to avoid Pit, I agreed. It would take several hours for the enema to arrive (it's a "specialty" item that they don't keep on the L&D floor), so she suggested we order some lunch and relax since we were in for a long day. That was about 10:30 am and I was starting to get some bloody show.

I was starting to get some good contractions and by 11:30 am no longer felt like chatting on the phone with my mom. At noon Marie came in with the sono machine, she wanted to confirm that the baby was head down since she hadn't actually touched his head. At that point we decided to time the contractions and realized they were about 1 min long, 3 mins apart -- a good labor pattern. She told the nurse to hold off on the enema (yeah) and told me she would be back in an hour to check on me.

I told DH to go ahead and eat, that I wasn't feeling hungry and I went into the bathroom. I kept feeling all this bowel pressure. With my first I had had a great "emptying of the bowels" in early labor and I thought that was what I was feeling. The contractions were getting more intense and I started moaning like I had at the end of labor with DS#1. "Oh no," I thought, " if I feel like this now, there's no way I'm going to make it through this. Then I had the funniest thought as I remembered I also had bowel pressure when I was pushing DS#1 out, "what if I'm really at the end of labor?" I quickly dismissed that idea as ridiculous and wen to lay down in bed. DH brought me some pudding and I had a bite or 2.

All of the sudden my body bared down and gave 3 huge pushes. I screamed to DH "get Marie. I'm pushing this baby out. I can't stop it." He dropped his sandwich and ran out into the hall yelling for the nurse. I was a bit panicked since I hadn't expected this at all. The nurse was great and calmly told me to go ahead and push as she was frantically trying to located the baby's heartbeat (he had been pushed out of the uterus and was in the birth canal).

Marie came running from the other side of the hospital where she had been doing her post-partum rounds. She felt my pelvis and exclaimed "Oh my god, the baby is right here. He is ready to be born!" It took me a couple more pushes and he was born at 12:40 pm after about 2 hours of labor. I couldn't believe it. I had gone through early labor and transition without even knowing it. We were all giddy and thrilled to have avoided the Pit. It really was amazing!

Stony Brook was great and the Stony Brook midwives are wonderful. I have no doubt that an OB would have tried to insist on giving me Pit, which obviously I didn't need! I think all my prep work with Hypnobabies helped my have such an easy birth and definitely recommend it.

Evan Alexander born on March 10 weighing 7lbs 14 oz.

Hypnobabies helped me have such a wonderful birth that I am now teaching the technique. Find out more information here:


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Posted 7/8/09 11:00 AM

LIF Infant

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Re: Evan Alexander's drug-free hypnobabies birth

Wow!!! Amazing birth story!!! Welcome Evan Alexander!!! Chat Icon

Posted 7/8/09 11:28 AM

Two in Blue

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Re: Evan Alexander's drug-free hypnobabies birth

Loved your story!! I had hoped to go natural with my twins but ended up having preeclampsia so had an emergency C. If I ever get the chance to deliver vag-I will try this method. Congratulations!!

Posted 7/8/09 12:00 PM

Disney cruise bound!

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Re: Evan Alexander's drug-free hypnobabies birth

That's awesome, I would kill for that labor!!

Posted 7/8/09 2:20 PM

Here's to new beginnings

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Re: Evan Alexander's drug-free hypnobabies birth

Wow what an amazing story! After two labors over 21 hours each, I think I'll pray for a birth like that for #3! Chat Icon Congratulations!

Posted 7/8/09 8:50 PM

She is love!

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Re: Evan Alexander's drug-free hypnobabies birth

Wow - that's incredible! Congratulations!!! Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon

Posted 7/16/09 10:09 AM

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