Well as you know I was scheduled for induction on Monday November 12th because of my GD. They estimated that she was going to weigh 9lbs if we went until this week so the dr. didn't want to take a chance and scheduled me for induction.

We arrived at hospital at 8 am and all I have to say is boy February must have been a busy month because there were so many Nov. mommies giving birth. We got the last L&D room available. At 10:45 am the dr came in to insert the cervadil into my cervix. At that point my cervix was tight and closed. Now the whole entire time I have been pregnant my biggest fear of giving birth was the internals so needless to say inserting the cervadil into my cervix was very very uncomfortable. The L&D nurses and Dr's at hospital were all so great. My L&D nurse was very honest and we were kind of dissapointed when she told us that the Cervadil can take up to 12 hours to work and sometimes it don't. If the Cervadil they inserted in me didn't work they were going to insert another one in 12 hours and keep waiting.

Well sure enough 11 pm rolls around and I get checked and I'm 1cm dilated. They insert another cervadil and I have to wait until the morning.
Tuesday morning comes around and my Dr comes in to check on me. I'm having very mild contractions and my cervix still hadn't changed. He starts me on Pitocin and another Cervical medication to make me dilate (can't remember the name but it was a pill). The pill could be inserted up to 4 doses within 4 hours of each other.The nurse tells me that she will up the pitocin and by the time the dose reaches 12 I should start feeling uncomfortable. Well Tuesday morning passes and so does Tuesday afternoon and the Pitocin goes up to 32....I'm on my 2nd bag because the dr told the nurse to put a new bag of pitocin after a few hours because I was having very mild contractions and no reaction. At 32 the pitocin should have made me feel full blown labor but I had nothing zilch nada.

The anastesiologist kept coming by to see if I wanted an epi but since I had no pain I didn't need one. Now Tuesday night rolls around..I have had nothing to eat all Tuesday not even liquids. I'm frustrated and anxious. I keep hearing all the babies being born and here I am still in the room no strong contractions no dilation. My dr. called Tuesday night and at this point I'm asking for a C-section. He was hesitant and told me that he will check me Wed afternoon and if no change we will discuss a C-Section. He did have mercy on me though and took me off the Pitocin for one hour so I could eat. DH ran downstairs and grabbed me Blimpies and I scarfed it down.

After the hour another dr comes in to check on me and insert another pill into my cervix. Wednesday morning rolls around and still nothing. No contractions no more dilation. My dr calls and tells me he's scheduling me for a C-section at 3:30. I know most people would have been dissapointed but I was so relieved. Apparently her heart rate took some dves in the middle of the night.

At 3:30 we started to get ready for the section. I walked into the OR where the spinal tap was inserted...didn't hurt at all. Pretty soon my legs were numb and DH comes in. At 4:28 on Nov. 14th my Isabella was born weighing all of 7lbs 5oz. However she really didn't want to come out because she was stuck. It took some hard tugging from the dr to pull her out but once I heard her cry this overwhelming emotion took over and I couldn't stop crying.

It took about 45 minutes to stitch me up and put me in recovery. I felt pretty good just had the shakes but Isabellas sugars were low so they had to take her to the NICU. I was so upset. I got to my room at about 7 or 8 and was real drowsy and so itchy...apparently this is a side effect from the anasthesia.
That night I didn't get to hold her expect for the few minutes I spent with her in the recovery area. I was so upset.

The next morning at 6 am the nurse came to clean me up and sit me in a chair. It didn't tickle but it wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be. When DH came we went downstairs to see her in the NICU. Her sugars were starting to regulate themselves thank God.

I can't complain my recovery has not been that bad...mostly soreness. Unfortunatley she had to stay in the hospital an extra day because of her bilirubin. My poor little girl has been picked and probed so much her hand is bruised

but she is such a good girl. Gets up eveyr 2.5-3hours for a bottle and doesn't cry and she's absolutely gorgeous..

So basically I had a failed induction but in the end it was all worth it. Pics are in my album.

Just want to thank all you ladies for being there for me these 9 months and Good Luck to all of the mommies to be!!!!