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Wedding stuff
Sep 24 2008 10:19AM

Ok, so we are waiting on 93 more responces and the due date for RSVPs are 10/01. I am a bit anxious to get them all back. We have almost our entire balance paid for, for the 175 person minimum. Not bad! I dont want to be to much over that, and we are expecting a few no's in that bunch.
I picked up my wedding shoes. They looked great dyed. I am really happy I didnt listen to my mom this time and went and did what I really wanted. My dress fits fine and is currently being hemmed, bustled and tucked.

I am nervous about getting it all paid for. And although i dont have much time to give at the second job and put my 2 weeks in- I am regreting that decsion. But luckily I can pick up shifts and not be scheduled, which is what I am going to have to do untill the wedding. FH and I work a lot and still have other bills to pay. I am lucky also to have family that is willing to help us out with these things, and pay them back. But I don't want to rely on that!!

All and all with a little over 40 days to go.. i feel pretty on track!

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2 weeks!
Sep 23 2008 10:19AM

I gave my 2 weeks notice at my second job. I have been working 2 jobs for most of my adult life and decided I had enough for now.
I figure with the wedding a little over a month away, this was the best choice in order for me not to go insane. I still have my full time 'real' job working 40 hours a week. But waitressing 20-30 hours a week was starting to get to me at this point. Also, with me starting to eat less meat- I have felt kind of weird serving it.
I dont know.. mixed emotions lately.

But I am happy to be done October 6th there!

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Sep 22 2008 8:02AM

Sometimes, it is nice to forget who your are and remember who you were-

My weekend FLEW by. Danielle's wedding was a blast. Her dance floor was packed and the night was soo fun!
Saturday, was a day for wedding errands and fittings for dresses for my family. Following that we made our way to a wrestling show,, and then finally to a birthday party for my BM's hubby.
Sunday I woke up late,, then cleaned my house inside really well. I vaccumed and clean carpets, both bathrooms, and cleaned at mopped the dinning room and kitchen and did a lot of wash! I then wrapped 60 favors for the wedding!

I am happy I was able to get soo much done. But the first line of the blog is important. Sometimes it is nice to forget who your ARE and remember who your WERE. My MOH gave me 2 cd's she made this weekend. One has all songs that remind her of things that we have done together and been through, throughout the years. It was nice driving and listening to the cd on sunday. It reminded me of all the good things that have happened to me and some of the bad. But it took my head out of wedding planning and work,.. and down memory lane!

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Another weekend!
Sep 19 2008 9:41AM

**this is my cranberry and kettle drunk face**

Another weeknd is here!! I am excited.
Tonight - Danielle's wedding
Tomorrow - M.O.B Dress fitting and also F.O.B tux order
at night Wrestling show and friends party
Sunday - NOTHING!!

I love having a day to myself and sunday is it. I however should take a shift at the resturant I work in and make some extra wedding cash. I know that I need it!!!
UGH!!! I hate being responsible! LOL.

Hope everyone has a good one!

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Still learning-
Sep 18 2008 10:38AM

I hate to say it but I am grossed out by what is going into my body. I am trying to learn more about being a Vegetarian.
I had an email sent to me with a link to factory farming and the issues and horrible abuse that animals for human comsumption go through.
I didnt know a lot about this, and the more that I learn the more i am noticing I am changing my habits.
A week later I am chosing Soy over regular milk, and butter substitute over the regular kind. My fiancee and I have purchased some Tofu in hopes of learning how to make a good meal out of it as a start! I don't think he will be changing into a vegetarian. I don't consider myself to be one at all. I think it is way too soon for me to even consider that title.
I would like to think that I am making more educated choices and being smarter about what is the truth and what is put out there for people to believe. Such as the "happy cow" ads. I know that some people will give me a hard time or ask questions and wonder about my commitment, so I have basically kept it to myself and my friend for now. Best thing about him is he is not judging me for my decsions, and letting me learn. My Fiancee is the same way.
One step at a time.

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Lets dance!
Sep 17 2008 8:05AM

am one of those people who tend to have fun no matter where I am. I like to go out with my friends and laugh and enjoy my time. I feel like I needed to go out on Saturday night. I was out all day but something was jumping in me to get to a bar or club and have a few drinks.
I am so glad that I did! I felt so much better and danced and laughed with some friends and it was fantastic!!

Now yesterday I went for my wedding dress fitting and it went sooo smoothly!! I was nervous, really nervous. Because I am a 'plus size' girl and wedding dresses are scary when it comes to fittings!! LOL. But it went on so easily and needed to be made smaller in 2 areas, hemmed and also the back tied up perfectly! I was so pleased! Also because of the style of the dress- I can be braless and just wear some boy shorts underneath!! I am feeling good!

So now I just want to dance and wear my wedding dress!! I am ready with 51 days to go to the wedding!

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Sep 16 2008 7:31AM

My Blogs arent posting it seems!

I wrote 2 out about the weekend and neither are here. I was saying what a great weekend i had, only to find out yesterday afternoon that this weekend is not going to be going as planned. I am bummed but know I will still have a great weekend.

I cant believe that today is also going to be my wedding dress first fitting! I am nervous and excited. I just can't believe how time is flying these days!!

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Free Time
Sep 12 2008 7:44AM

Between the wedding planning and working 65-70 hours a week, I have very little free time. I am thrilled that this weekend I am OFF I get out of work at 12 noon today and then I am not working tonight or saturday and sunday.

In fact I am going to a wedding sunday, then on next friday! I can't believe 2 in a week! LOL. But then again in October I have 2 in a weekend!!!

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Sep 9 2008 8:36AM

What if you changed something major in your life.. such as belief or ideal that you have always known.
I have been learning a lot about being vegan or vegetarian from a friend of mine who means the world to me. I dont know what my FH would say if I decided to go deeper in to this, but I thin that he would be supportive. I know my friend feels like most people dont get why he does it,, and to be truthful the more I see the more I understand.
There is a lot of sadness in the killing of an animal and in slaughter houses. I have never once thought about where the food comes from untill this past year.

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