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A Halloween Reading List for Adults

Halloween isn't just a favorite holiday for the kiddies anymore. I still get just as excited for the season as I ever did, maybe even more so now that I get a month of my favorite classic horror movies of regular TV stations and awesome horror releases to help inspire the season! If you're a Halloween fan, too, and love partaking in the spookier side of life, here are a couple of Halloween Must-Reads to help get you into the festive mood!

Start with a couple classics. Although it may seem redundant to have Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein on a “Halloween Reading List,” it’s amazing how many of us haven’t ever read the real deal. I’m just as guilty as the next, and can’t believe I need to add them to my own Kindle this month. Both are very honestly enthralling reads that will pull you in and keep you beyond “the sake of being a classic.”

Although the movies were a craze a couple of years back, if you still haven’t actually read John Ajvide Lindqvist’s Let the Right One In I highly recommend it. It is truly a unique tale settled in the Vampire genre and will thoroughly creep you (if not skeeve you) out until the very end.

For something a little more unusual for Halloween Fare, I recommend trying out Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s graphic novel, From Hell.  It’s a tale of Jack the Ripper and the events leading up to the Whitechapel killings (as well as the cover-up to follow).

Looking for something with a little more horror packed into the punch? Stephen King is always a safe direction to turn. I've just recently picked up both The Sleep Doctor and The Shining, and am planning a King-a-thon like no other! We all know the story from the cult classic movie, but we all know the book is always better. If you've already had your fill of Jack and his family, try returning to the Overlook Hotel with new characters and plot twists in the sequel Doctor Sleep.

Lastly is a twisted horror movie classic that was also a novel that redefined the genre, Shirley Jackson’s The House on Haunted Hill. I am a Vincent Price (or as I affectionately refer to him, “Vinny Price”) fiend and adore anything that he was in. Even better, I loved the 1999 remake almost as much as the original! Both delve into what happens when a group of strangers are coaxed into a haunted house with the promise of a cash prize if they survive the night. This Halloween I’m going to go back to where it all began with Jackson’s 1959 classic. This is the twisted mind that brought us the short story, “The Lottery,” so you know it has to be good! 

Posted on Oct 15 2014 12:53PM
By LIFamilies




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